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LdySaphyre64 karma

You are amazing! What's more difficult: writing insightful satire or writing sexy times parts?

LdySaphyre42 karma

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that it was comedy! Satire is like regular storytelling, but smarter-- like taking a famous franchise whose author doesn't recognize all trots, and telling an all-buckaroo-love story in that universe, without impinging copyright. I think you're brilliant :)

LdySaphyre35 karma

It sure is :) Chuck Tingle has big ol' buckaroo heart and it shows in everything you do.

May I ask another question? When you were in the pain place, how did you keep making things? I have a big pain place (fibromyalgia-- body hurts a lot for no reason and brain doesn't always work right) and am struggling to create. Sometimes I just wanna sit on a hillside and turn into a big ol' rock.

LdySaphyre24 karma

Thanks so much, man name of Chuck! It really helps <3 And I'm so glad your pain has almost completely gone away! I see a new doctor this week; maybe she can help me find my trot. I sure do miss the feel of the wind in my mane.