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She replied just below you.

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There is also the fact that men make up over 50% of domestic abuse victims

Do you have a source for that?

Edit: gotta love being downvoted for asking for a source on statistical data.

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So what’s a simple explanation of the psychology behind lotteries?

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Psychoanalysis is largely considered pseudoscience in the psychology community.

In my experience, that’s only half true in English-speaking countries. In Europe, Psychoanalysis is still widely taught, studied and practiced.

Therapies like CBT and positive psychology are studied and shown to work using empirical research.

Pretty much all therapeutic approaches are studied nowadays. And recent studies have demonstrated different therapies work well in different cases; there’s no “One therapy to rule them all”.

whereas Jungian beliefs cannot be tested or have not been shown to be valid.

From the way you phrase it you make it sound like all Psychoanalysis is Jungian, which is of course false. I will agree though that the Jungians are among the most ostracised in the Psychoanalitic community.

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Is that US$?