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How cool was the kraken? Was it as awesome in person as it looks in the videos? Was it terrifying? Do you know how many people are jealous of you for experiencing this, including me? Serious: what can normal people amtgat aren't giant corporations that have tendencies to spill oil and stuff do to reduce our impact on the environment?

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Fella looks like a big cute softie to me. Such an awesome event! Just how much more is hidden down there, and in what crazy permutations of life! What's it like being in a submersible?

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I have a little jar full of ash from the Mount St. Helen's eruption. It's one of my most prized items in my geology collection. I found it at a thrift store some years back for five dollars. Probably originated from some tourist trap or something. here it is alongside some of my other items in my collection that I'm unabashedly showing off

It's probably the youngest thing in my collection. So here's my questions:

1) Is it cool?

2) Worth anything monetarily or research wise?

3) How jealous are you?

4) got any cool volcano stories?

5) What's your favorite volcano?

6) Any interesting volcanic features that you enjoy, such as specific lava tubes or mud springs?

7) Are you all secretly demons from the underworld?

8) How worried are you about the Yellowstone supervolcano caldera system? Recent heavy earthquakes in Magna, Utah, worried us locals. We've always feared the day the Big One would set off the faults and trigger the volcano.