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We're very happy we added two ducks to our little flock of 6 urban chickens. Do you know if it's true that some flighted predators are likely to be scared off by the ducks or is that urban legend?

Also we love our duck eggs and are starting to like them more than our chickens, is there any reason to favor chickens vs ducks?

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Have you done any work with "lap band" devices and making victims, I mean potential recipients, aware that if they experience a failure with the device (which is a MUCH MORE pronounced risk than advertised) that insurance will still code the REMOVAL OF A DANGEROUS MEDICAL DEVICE as "Elective" because ALL gastric bypass and related procedures share the SAME code?

Want to know what most hospitals will quote for it's removal? $30,000-50,000 and it's NOT covered by your insurance.

**YSK there are gastroenterologists out there who are on a mission to remove as MANY as possible. We found one who removed my wife's malfunctioning lap band for 5,000 (anestesia, room and nurse were most of that cost)

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Thanks for doing am AMA

Question; Can you share anything about your epic writing about Trump's speech? I just ... Lol...hahahahhahaha can't even