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  1. Is there a strong Kurdish nationalistic sentiment and a sense of autonomy and independence from Iraq?
  2. Are there strong cultural or community bonds with Kurds in Syria and Turkey?
  3. Are there a lot of kids compared to adults?

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Will this bring down MbS? If not, will it marginalize him or elevate a rival faction, and what might it take to push him out of succession?

Does Turkey plan to align with Iran more, considering its willingness to challenge the Kingdom through this scandal and its past support of Qatar in the face of the Gulf blockade?

If a New Democratic House exerts more pressure on the Senate's "principled" GOP members, particularly Lindsey Graham, what might the regional effects be if the US took a greater stance against MbS?

What else should we be following to better understand the region?

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Can you please PLEASE write a D&D themed campaign? I and a friend love your work and would want to play RPG characters in the real Tingleverse (or Tingularity as I call it)!

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Now that you've starred in a comedy together:

What serious movie or movie idea would you like to work together on in the future? You both have the acting range to pull it off.

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Thank you so much, this is very helpful!