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MastermindExcello40 karma

Hello Dr. Tingle,

Will there be any future installments of Special Report Billings? Do you draw the episodes yourself?

Thank you for existing. You make this timeline better.

MastermindExcello20 karma

Doctor, thank you so much for all you do. Your writing, the podcasts, the new big time youtube show. All of it has helped me to survive The Void Year, 2020.

My question: When did you first become aware of your life as Borson Reems and did he have a good year on HIS timeline? As an experienced traveler between timelines, have you made contact with any new versions of yourself this year?

MastermindExcello8 karma

Hello Doctor,

I was wondering what you were like when you were a child? When did you first become aware of your unique way?

Thank you for all you do to prove love is real.