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I've never heard of the exploits of real life super heroes Meryl and Cher! Thank god you guys did something. After living in one of the countries largest cities I'm surprised by how often someone hasn't done anything when they see someone in trouble.

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What is the most ridiculous thing someone has worn to an interview with you? I just got back from one where this girl walked in wearing a tube dress that just barely covered her ass.

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I think it's really sweet that she keeps in touch with you. Have you ever been able to decode what she's saying in her marble language?

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That is a super important skill to learn and if you can understand Sweet Barabra's marble speak then I think all of us can work to understand one another a little bit better. Glad truckman can understand her too, I think being a frozen ghost that has a different way could be a little lonely. It seems like she has friends and that is good.

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Yay! Welcome back Chuck! I always love your AMAs.

I'm a huge fan of the podcast My Friend Chuck and I know you're on hiatus at the moment because you want to do more live shows. But with the uncertainty of when that might happen do you think you two will pick it back up in the near future?

Say hello to son John, Cloey, and Sweet Barbara for us!