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Wow Dr. Tingle, this is amazing. I'm a big fan of Harriet Porber and eagerly await her next adventure.

I wish I had a better question for you, but I can't think of one right now. But, I wanted to ask you. I have autism too, and ADHD. Sometimes, it gets really hard. I want to do things that I am passionate about, like writing and learning new things, but it's so hard to get out of bed each morning, and I feel ashamed of having a brain that can't seem to focus enough to take care of myself, even though I know I shouldn't feel bad about it. And now I'm 26 and running out of money, and have to move back in with my parents, who aren't very receptive to my problems.

How do you get by each day? Do you have any tips for coping? I wish I could find a set of life hacks for autistic people but all I've found is that life is just harder. I am so burnt out each day.