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Have your socks tried to kill again?

Seriously, glad to hear you're able to get back to training. Any lingering effects? I had a friend of mine get a head injury in a motorcycle accident, and she was incoherent for weeks, and still has some memory issues.

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"I have been ordered by my attorney not to take any tests or or make any statements outside his presence. If you will allow me, I will contact him and request him to be present so we can perform the tests and I can answer your questions"

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Mr. Chuck, you are a true gift to humanity. I just wanted to know how much of your work is drawn from personal experiences, and are the characters an amalgam, or do you just change their names for legal purposes?

Edit: or do you prefer doc tingle?

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Glad to hear it, both will probably improve over time with some luck. Also, switch to the fuzzy socks with the nonskid soles. : )

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There was a guy with allergies like this, he went over to somewhere in Africa and walked around barefoot and ate local stuff until he picked up some parasites that gave his immune system something to work on, and fixed some of his allergies. Have you thought of trying something like this?