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Not OP, but I was mildly forced into heavy drinking with some young Russian lads, but I don't feel I was ever in danger at all. Seems out of character for my experiences within Russia to have a gang of people harass you. How did they get physical?

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Damn, thats wild. I know what you mean with groups of lads where you feel it can so easily cross from jokes to not jokes at all. Sorry you had that.

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Yo, that's an actual storyline in the comics. You should write for Marvel. Or get sued by them.

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they got real actual toilets yet, or still the hole straight down onto the tracks? Did you share a cabin with random people getting on or off, or get a private one? Are they still literally shoveling coal into boilers to make hot water?

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Not OP, but food is horrific. I ate as little as possible as your only options are hot water to add to whatever pot noodles you bring, and a really shitty food carriage which is primarily for drinks. Bring lots of snacks, and stuff that makes you avoid taking a shit, cos you wanna keep that to a minimum on those trains, believe me.

Basically its whatever you bring. There was a vending machine in Omsk that I bought half the contents of, and it was a lifesaver.