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Your dignity and reputation are intact to anyone with an IQ above 10. This is beyond scummy into straight up evil and you have my deepest sympathies. Was there any payment for the shoot? Is it possible you can recoup anything from this exploitation financially? Is there an outcome where they get what's coming to them and you get some kind of silver lining?

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Not OP, but I was mildly forced into heavy drinking with some young Russian lads, but I don't feel I was ever in danger at all. Seems out of character for my experiences within Russia to have a gang of people harass you. How did they get physical?

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Here in Norway my bar geared up for a huge March, with festival pre partys and tap takeovers, etc. Now I have a shit load of stock that I don't know if I can even shift.

Even at an optimistic outlook, the beer/bar industry, especially craft beer, won't look the same at all by the end of this.

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Damn, thats wild. I know what you mean with groups of lads where you feel it can so easily cross from jokes to not jokes at all. Sorry you had that.

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Yo, that's an actual storyline in the comics. You should write for Marvel. Or get sued by them.