I’ve spent more than 26 years in healthcare IT. During this time, I have built four healthcare IT companies. Several have been at the top of Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, INC500/5000 fastest growing companies lists.

From 2012-2017, I worked with healthcare initiatives of two US Presidents to design and build several public solutions. Including Medicaid, Medicare, social services, children’s health, mental health and other's. Now I am excited to work with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

My latest project Solve.Care has gotten press because we have a real business contract for a blockchain company. Solve.care is a global Blockchain ecosystem. Including solutions for data coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare. Solve.Care platform is designed to enable insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals, physician practices, pharmacies and employers to create care networks that engage everyone involved.

Proof https://www.facebook.com/SolveCareFoundation/photos/a.282227865625234.1073741828.264450984069589/369308000250553/?type=3&theater

I am looking forward to your questions, Ask me anything!

Edit: I was told I forgot to add the URL. But actually, the URL is https://solve.care

Edit 2: Thanks everyone for your questions. Seems like it is winding down. I am going to start getting ready for bed as it is past 1am here. Please leave any questions you have and I will get to them as soon as I can in the morning.

Edit 3: There has been a great deal of statements made about healthcare expertise so I am posting a link to my career profile on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/goelpradeep/

Edit 4: Folks, I am signing off for the night. It is 1:30AM and tomorrow beckons with a busy schedule. I will try to be online later in the week and appreciate the continued dialog and feedback. Best wishes to everyone.

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sjdjdfnfnejdjcnf133 karma

Distributed ledgers are notoriously inneficient and take a great deal of power consumption for minor tasks. How can this translate to better for the shareholders? Some may say you are using blockchain technology to spur speculation by people who barely understand the technology instead of more efficient, less catchy methodology. Would you care to speak on how the blockchain is better for your type of business with specifics?

PradeepGoelCEO-89 karma

Blockchain is a power hog in certain types of applications. But not in every configuration. We are using BC because it adds core value to our platform and we could not build the capability without it, at least as easily or quickly. Our platform architecture is public and on our website. It clearly shows how we leverage BC to design our Care.Protocol, Care.Wallet, Care.Card and Care.Coin. These constructs are not possible without an underlying distributed ledger.

That being said, like most early stage technologies evolve and BC is evolving rapidly. Each week we hear about different more efficient consensus models. So I think we will see a more optimal power usage foot print in the near future.

Specifically, we are using BC to decentralize eligibility, referrals, pre-authorization, billing, adjudication, payment and measurement of care delivery

HomoSociologicus-6 karma

Are you already talking to new clients (beside ACN)? And are they buying from company reserve or on exchange (because I think this is better for the price)??

PradeepGoelCEO-22 karma

Yes. We are talking to several clients. At least one is looking at participating in open sale and was a catalyst for extending the dates.

No, our token reserves are not available to clients.

HomoSociologicus-18 karma

Thank you for the answer Pradeep. That’s great news. So they buy from the exchange directly? This might be the first token that is really used for its utility instead of speculation.

Keep up the good work and keep making us happy.

PradeepGoelCEO-22 karma

The clients are able to link their master wallet to different token sources. My pleasure and thank you for being part of this mission.

n0bel55 karma

I run a medium sized healthcare company in California and this seems like a dumb money grab. I'm not world-class but I have a J.D. and an MBA from Stanford. Blockchain is about trust distribution and transaction verification. Help me understand what you're actually doing beyond spouting buzzwords?

topcheesehead20 karma

I didnt go to stanford but I can tell you its the newest ponzi scheme and its worldwide! Yay blockchain-ponzi!

In my opinion blockchain has great potential. However, I dont trust this company from this AMA. So Im not buying.

PradeepGoelCEO-4 karma

You are free to make your decision. Only thing I ask is that you study the facts before calling us a ponzi scheme.

And here are a few facts: 1) Founders have invested over 3M of their own cash 2) Company employs over 60 people 3) We have revenue paying clients 4) Senior execs such as former Congressman Jim Moran, WV Medicaid Director Bowling, Deputy CIO of Department of Defense and Senior Vice President of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield are on our board and actively engaged 5) We have not touched a $ raised from the token sale to build and deploy the platform 6) We are in negotiations with government agencies in 3 continents

If you can do better, I salute you.

seamustheseagull11 karma

This. He appears to have identified a problem that exists because of political and social failures in the US healthcare system and then claimed he can fix this with software and "blockchain".

There is no informatiin here about exactly what he thinks he's fixing nor why using blockchain is a good idea for it.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Let me be very specific in addressing your concerns. We are currently addressing the following use cases in close collaboration with our insurance and government agency clients:

1) Instant enrollment, benefit activation and life event handling 2) Decentralized eligibility verification 3) Delegated pre-authorization and referral authority to Primary care physicians 4) Eliminate billing for most routine claims 5) Dynamic rate contracts for in/out of network physicians based on demand 6) Care coordination across physicians, patients and care givers 7) Value based contracts and coin based payments

Our clients are insurers, employers and administrators who are extremely interested in reducing their costs arising from administration, clinical and financial functions.

We have signed clients and they pay us for the use of our platform and for the compelling and innovative solution we bring to them. Feel free to review the video testimonials from our clients.

While healthcare clearly can clearly benefit from a better approach and policy, we are driven by immediate and present needs of our clients and stakeholders.

PradeepGoelCEO-1 karma

Our clients and we see the same potential of BC as you mentioned above - decentralized processes, verifiability of transactions that occur as a result and distribution of trust via delegated authority. You are saying the same things. Buzzwords are necessary to convey complex concepts in short sentences. Otherwise we would be publishing a book in response to each question

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Kai can have his viewpoint. Summary dismissal of emerging technology is not new and is even logical at a particular moment in time. I saw similar articles about cloud computing and before that client server technology (logically presented by the makers of mainframe computers). However, technology evolves with need and need focuses on technology with most promise. As a snapshot in time a lot of what is being said may be true but it wont stop the exploration and evolution of BC as a viable and widely adopted technology. I see ample evidence of it daily.

As a CTO/CIO I used to evaluate the possibilities and then wait for it to mature before jumping in. That is going to be true for BC adoption as well.

robertito4235 karma

What problem do you solve?

Could this be done without blockchain?

What do you say to people who think anything blockchain is a snake oil scam?

PradeepGoelCEO0 karma

We address cost and inefficiency of healthcare administration from an insurer/employer/government agency perspective. We do that by delegating authority to patient to see physicians in/out of network on a more timely basis, verify their benefits without calling the insurer, have greater flexibility in and timely access to speciality and procedural care and having greater transparency on cost and ability to pay using self/3rd party funds.

There are a lot of questionable projects on Blockchain. And that is true for all emerging technologies. That being said, yes, most ICO proposals are not something I could personally invest in. But the use cases that are properly implemented do have the potential to revolutionize sectors.

We have spent a year developing very compelling use cases for healthcare that use the distributed ledgers for their strength. So we spend our time talking to clients and refining the use cases instead of worrying about what others are doing.

Could we do this without BC? Possibly but not with the same ease, economic model and ease of adoption. I have spent decades on understanding how healthcare benefits administration works. BC/DLT offers the means to decentralize functions that opens up new possibilities.

I make a real effort to separately evaluate the potential of BC from the noise in the market emanating from ill conceived projects.

WintendoU19 karma

What are you providing that an ehr and billing system from cerner or epic doesn't have?

Its also clear you would have to integrate with both those systems and essentially replace pieces of them with your own software, do you have that capability?

Do you have relationships with any insurance companies?

The existing communication already pretty much exists. Commonwell will introduce record portability and allow any point of care to pull up historical data. EHRs already help fix billing errors and help submit the right codes to the insurance companies.

I just don't see where an outsider has an entry point. What hospital is going to want to touch some altcoin supported communication network that doesn't even have its own EHR. Hospitals already submit bills digitally to insurance companies and they tend to buy an EHR and anything else digital from a single company.

PradeepGoelCEO-11 karma

Great question. We are not interested in replacing EHRs or putting clinical records on blockchain. That is not our use case (despite being a popular one).

We are focused on administrative and financial side of healthcare and handle functions including but not limited to:

1) Eligibility and plan benefit verification 2) Patient responsibility determination 3) Referrals 4) Pre-authorization of care 5) Care pricing 6) Payments 7) Quality measurement and performance based payments

These are functions that may or may not need to exchange data with Epic/Cerner/McKesson systems in US and equivalent elsewhere. But what we will certainly do is to eliminate the need for massive administrative burden that accompanies every healthcare encounter between patient and provider and cleared by a 3rd party (insurer)

Relationships with insurers - That is the primary use case and early adopter of our platform. And we have several large insurers in dialog with us. So in short - yes.

As far as outsider status - I have been in healthcare administration all my life. I was the system buyer and tough to please. So my team knows that every use case must pass the - "Would Pradeep have bought it?" test.

As far as no space for us to play - healthcare is huge (3000+Billion per year) and dysfunctional and expensive. There is plenty of room for disruption and the response we see in the market from our clients is the only vote of confidence that we need.

WintendoU8 karma

To be more clear, those ehr companies tend to have billing products. Such as cerner's Revenue Cycle https://www.cerner.com/solutions/revenue-cycle-management-services

They tend to sell to hospitals who buy the ehr and billing together.

Is your product a complete replacement for a billing solution like revenue cycle? Don't you need integration with the EHR to know what care the patient got and to know what to bill for?

PradeepGoelCEO-9 karma

There are clearly use cases where the hospital client will use our platform to augment existing processes. In case of bill origination, then use case that excites our clients the most is pass through claims that are essentially adjudicated in real time. So instead of sending a bill and then waiting for a payment cycle, instant transfer and value setting of Care.Coin will replace that expensive (and often ridiculous) billing-adjudication-payment process. We may not replace the existing systems immediately but we will siphon away most of the transactions from the existing systems.

As an insurer I have a lot of reasons to offer better revenue cycle in return for preferred contract terms and value based care payments. So we enable the handshake between insurer-provider to occur in a much more efficient way than any existing system.

I was talking to leaders of one of the leading health insurers in the US (and by size, globally) and they love the flexibility and innovative contracting/revenue cycle options our platform represents for them and for their care partners (physicians, hospitals, labs etc.)

Greenhorn243 karma


You can't be serious.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

I am very serious and so are our clients. Our first set of wallets goes live in May with client issued Care.Coins to pay physicians in their network

KinleyMark10 karma

What makes you interested in blockchain considering it has too many over heads ? How do you plan to scale this platform ?

PradeepGoelCEO-9 karma

Blockchain as a technology is of deep interest to us because:

1) It gives our platform the ability to issue delegated authority to patients/providers 2) Gives us verifiability in decentralized process model (trust but verify) 3) Allows for intrinsic synchronization of stakeholders (Care.Wallets)

Scaling BC is handled through client specific networks with a configurable topology. The network topology can be adjusted to handle latency, resiliency and consensus needs of the chain and the solution on it

SquidCap17 karma


PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Care.Wallet is well described in our published materials. In short, it serves as a container for decentralized applications and payment tokens operating on the chain for peer-to-peer transactions. Please feel free to ask more specific question.

nycmonkey8 karma

Sounds great but in my opinion this can solve nothing because the true problem with healthcare is that the system is designed with misaligned incentives throughout the value chain. Until this is fixed with government action, everything is a bandaid fix. Your thoughts on my opinion?

PradeepGoelCEO3 karma

I agree that policy change is needed in many areas. But I do think and see evidence of economic and competitive pressures driving the change we are seeking to bring about.

In my conversations with clients around the world and most notably in US, there is a clear and urgent need for better patient engagement, less physician administrative burden and lower payment and coordination costs. We are leading with clear use cases with clear Return on Investment (ROI). And clients are responding with an emphatic interest.

ACN did not buy our solution without first evaluating and establishing clear business value for themselves and their clients. We will be announcing additional clients in the near future and as I said before, the interest level is staggering

theullrich8 karma

It seems like one of your companies EngagePoint has some lawsuits and issues. Not only that after you left they really went downhill. What happened with that? Why did you leave? What went wrong after you did? Were you involved in the lawsuits and unhappy employees? It seems like they were on there way to the top for years.

PradeepGoelCEO0 karma

EngagePoint was top Healthcare IT company in the US. It was deeply involved in implementing complex eligibility and enrollment systems. It encountered significant payment delays from government clients at the tail end of Obamacare implementation. Things got very political, partisan and irrational and the company got caught in the cross fire. When the company was unable to collect payments for work delivered and accepted by clients, the issues you mention above started. And these payment delays and collection challenges are at the heart of negative feedback. After I left EngagePoint, the ownership, name of the company changed and so did the focus and direction. I am given to understand that the company/new owners are still pursuing payment from clients to this day and are fighting in court to get what is justly owed to the company

SaraDan868 karma

Hi, Pradeep. Been following your project off and on for a while. Since I live in the USA I have not been able to invest.

Anyway, I have been in and out of hospitals with my son for years. The bills, dealing with the doctors. One of those fun cases where they keep changning what they think the issue is. In the end I just kept adding to the bills. Then of course the insurance options just became worse and worse. I had to learn about cash deals and how the markup is so nuts, just because the crazy markups from the insurance companies and the constant battle they go through to get paid. The whole thing is just nuts.

I guess my question is what will solve do to help with all this. I don't blame the doctors for not being able to figure out the issues. But i do still hold a grudge about the whole thing just because the billing part of it make life so much worse. Not only did I have the huge bills but hours on the phone with insurance companies and hostpitals was just to much. The little free time I did have I spent it in constant battle.

Anyway like I said how can your project help with this?

PradeepGoelCEO7 karma

This is the issue that we all face, everyone of us, sooner or later, for ourselves, our parents and children. I have been in healthcare administration most of my working life and the issues above have a personal and professional resonance with me. My young son requires tremendous amount of care from different specialists and coordinating, paying and managing his care is a full time job for my wife and constant struggle. This is despite my intimate understanding of how healthcare administration works. So obviously this is not working. And the issue is not just US. Level of misdiagnosis in developing nation is staggering. Care pathways that are proven and based on evidence are not known/followed/rewarded.

Access to care and patient/provider experience also suffers greatly from the clearinghouse functions that insurers/healthcare administrators are forced to put into place to manage cost and utilization. Everything is a round trip discussion (that often feels like an argument/barrier) starting from which doctor you can see, when, how much will it cost, who will pay, when will pay, how much is appropriate, need for specialist care or not etc. etc.

Our goal and mission is to decentralize these processes and greater authority for patients and care providers to transact directly with each other while still maintaining appropriate visibility and control over utilization, cost and quality of care.

This is why insurers/administrators around the world are reacting so positively to our solution and healthcare on blockchain platform.

charlotte_princeston7 karma

Hello! How is blockchain going to be used to store And share patient information? And, whilst blockchain technology is excellent, does the environmental impact of mining concern you (running servers etc)? Especially if we were to see a greater uptake of it across so many different applications.

PradeepGoelCEO-28 karma

Hello Charlotte. Blockchain represents an incredible opportunity to decentralize processes that impede access to care and add friction to the healthcare system. There are many use cases that are compelling. We are at Solve.Care focused on care coordination, administration and payments of healthcare. So to us it is less about patient records and more about financial and administrative records. That being said, the nature of consensus and type of chain used will dictate the power consumption foot print of the solution. Our analysis shows that our solution does not create an excessive power usage foot print while delivering compelling value to our stakeholders. But in it is something that needs to be monitored and measured when calculating the ROI of any BC solution

brodega51 karma

Can you answer this question again without the buzzwords

PradeepGoelCEO33 karma

Our solution is not a power hog. We use a limited number of nodes and do not represent the kind of computing scale and power usage that Bitcoin or other uses cases of BC that you are referencing.

DontRememberOldPass8 karma

So I could enter in with a superior amount of power (be it processing, storage, or whatever your proof of system is) and become the sole decider of transactions?

If your answer is no, then you don’t have a blockchain, you have a database.

Metsubo-3 karma

Look up hyperledger fabric and maybe that will help you understand the concept a little better.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We do understand Hyperledger and it espouses the same position as we have described. The power consumption is dependent on the configuration and consensus model among other things.

TalkingBackAgain4 karma

Pradeep, what does a man who has been doing such useful work in healthcare IT, do in the wretched world of Blockchain :-(. It seems several steps down from where you were. Why do that to yourself?

NathanAllenT6 karma

Not sure if he's still answering, but as a data guy in a stupid position (30% below market value) the reality is the industry is focused on immediate gain tied to current focus.

Best analogy I can think of is alchemy. The funders and product sales staff ask for concrete results that simply aren't possible in the current environment; they want gold from lead.

Block Chain offers a beyond row level security solution that is an extremely sexy fix to data anonymomization that money holders will throw cash at because the underlying issue is painful to resolve.

Scale a secure key based degenerate database structure and the version of obsfucation that crypocurrency developed becomes redundant. But, is anyone going to invest in a concept that I have a hard time forcing my CIO to dedicate resources toward?

It could be worse, he could be shovelling last year's 'machine learning' crap.

SquidCap3 karma

Scale a secure key based degenerate database structure and the version of obsfucation that crypocurrency developed becomes redundant.

You said what i was thinking but much, much better. As i was going thru the white paper, all i as thinking "don't we already have this wheel invented?". The moment i was the .coin and .wallet, it became clear: they want to be involved when money moves around the system.

Pretty much tailored for US markets, has no use in universal healthcare. AT ALL. It only works if you have several payers and several organizations and systems patched together. There is a problem in healthcare IT and it is kind of massive but it is NOT about transactions nor even databases, afaik.. It is about "how to make it work in practice" and that coders are not doctors and vice versa; the two don't talk the same language and the amount of exceptions that are found in the year 5 makes the whole thing a patchwork... usually based on whatever tech the company has been using for the mast 15 years and still can't start fro ground zero. In the end, it i coded using a language that only a handful of people know and even they don't want to use it. I got mates doing this kind of stuff in corporate and they just cry how their hands are tied using 10 year old tech when they just know there is better solution, right there, one google search away.. Instead, most of their time is used on how to make their old system work in yet another place where it wasn't even designed to work there..

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We are in negotiations with clients in Asia, Africa and Middle East (in addition to US). And the use cases that we are exploring there are not relevant in the US. So while it may seem like a US centric platform because of use cases we most talk about, the platform itself is not constrained.

TalkingBackAgain1 karma

Thank you for your perspective as an inside professional. I can see the dreary, naked reality of humans only focussing on what makes money in the next five minutes. We're not doing ourselves any favours and it will cost us dearly.

I find no greater irony than that people who look very stern and serious and who wear the expensive clothing to match their facial expressions as they explain to the 'stakeholders' what the curve predicts for future profitability, that they would use all these resources to chase the terminally worthless [wow, grammar much?]. Money is just an idea, a convention of how we express value that exists only between our ears.

On the other hand clean water is a finite, scarce resource the value of which can never be adequately calculated in other terms than that its presence sustains us and its absence will destroy anything we call civilisation in brutal short order.

But sure invest in Bitcoin / Blockchain / whatever the name/technology for it is this week.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We can have different philosophical views on life. Mine is simple - create solutions that clients need and want and endeavor to be among the top 3 companies in your field. As Warren Buffet said - we all create value in our own special way. Mine has been employing 1000s of people around the world and giving them a chance at professional and personal growth. And I make no apology for that.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

It will take time to get broad adoption. And industry and technology are still maturing. I was the CIO you talk about and I would not allocate a lot of funds to BC projects at this stage also. That does not diminish the opportunity that BC represents. There will always be early adopters, followers and laggards. This is no different

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

Thanks. The BC technology is nascent and the surrounding environment is overly noisy and often lacking substance. That much is true.

But that does not diminish the opportunity to do things in ways that can truly impact patients, physicians, employers and insurers positively. If you could sit in on the meetings we have with our clients and prospects who are mostly steady, conservative insurers, and see the excitement our use cases generate in the room, you would probably want to be part of our team as well.

We have a vision, platform and plan that can deliver real economic and social value and is a worthwhile goal to pursue.

TalkingBackAgain1 karma

That's a solid answer. I hope you are very successful.

I have my doubts because much those these technologies have promise, I don't question the technology so much as I do the people behind it and their motivations. We can't be naive in these days, the world is not kind to the innocent.

Be smart, do good, you'll find in me a wholehearted supporter.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Thank you. I really appreciate the support and so does my team.

AllTheyEatIsLettuce3 karma

What are you personally, as well as this effort in general, doing to advance the adoption of single payer in America?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

I am not advocating a single payer solution because I don't believe it addresses the root cause of our healthcare problems. I have studied single payer solutions in UK, Canada and other countries and I dont see them to be a panacea or even a step in the right direction.

sexmexgg3 karma

Who came up with the name? Is your favorite color purple? All your things are purple.

PradeepGoelCEO3 karma

My team and I came up with the name and we feel it reflects our core mission and values.

Color purple - well that is more a marketing decision.

I do have to admit that my daughter may have had a role in the selection since purple is her favorite color (at the moment at least because she is known to change her mind).

mazinger-B0 karma

Children making branding decisions on multimillion dollar ICO - Love it

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

It was an attempt at humor.

mrnagrom3 karma

Do we still care about blockchain? I thought that shit pretty well burnt out.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Blockchain as a technology is nascent but evolving quickly. The markets may be tiring of crypto currencies but the underlying technology has far too many use cases to be easily ignored.


You stated you work with 2 Presidents. Did you meet any of the presidents? What was that like? Also, what did you do? Anything you attach your name too?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

I was fortunate enough to work closely on the team in DC responsible for designing and supporting the launch of Health Savings Accounts, a signature accomplishment of President Bush. And similarly at the fore front of medicaid expansion and exchange implementations for ACA (a signature initiative of President Obama). Most of the work was done through HHS/CMS offices in Baltimore. And I had the privilege of meeting and working closely with many senior administration officials at state and federal levels. As far meeting the Presidents, I had the honor of meeting both at HC policy related events but I am not on a first name basis with either :)

GreatYEEZUS3 karma

Hi Pradeep,

How do you make the value of Care.Coins stable?

PradeepGoelCEO-2 karma

Care.Coins are client issued currency that is programmable to handle complex healthcare payments for both fee-for-service and value-based-contracts of healthcare. Its value is stable due to that fact that it is a guaranteed redemption coin backed by payment ability of the issuer (most often an insurer or healthcare payer). And its variable value comes from an optional proof-of-service computation that calculates things like performance based/value based component of care. So the emission, calculation and circulation of the coin within the network of the issuer makes it a reliable payment mechanism for doctors, pharmacies, labs etc. without the risk of volatility

GreatYEEZUS4 karma

If clients are supposed to hold reserves, isn't there a significant counterparty risk? What if the reserve isn't there anymore out of a sudden?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Insurance companies as payers are required to hold and manage reserves and it is a highly regulated. So there is little counter party risk in our primary use case. Large employers who sponsor healthcare for employees are also in similar boat. Same is true for IDN/Hospitals. Introducing a tokenized payment system does not increase or decrease the counter party risk in our use cases

ceocoo3 karma

Why you doing ICO ? When you can simply raise money from any VC given your business case and background ?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Yes we could and we have certainly been approached multiple times. Having built VC backed companies before, I strongly feel that ICO represents a better model for the team, client and community. I clearly feel this strongly enough to have invested millions of my own cash in the company and not taken a single dollar from VCs.

Pr0ph3tMuhammad3 karma

What's your opinion on middle-out compression?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Well if you are referring to the show Silicon Valley, I thought it was brilliant. If you are talking about Dropbox lossless compression, it seems to be a new useful tool now in the public domain. I am not a compression expert but anytime we can improve compression in a loss less manner, it is a positive and useful step forward for data portability

kitikitish2 karma

What's for dinner?

PradeepGoelCEO5 karma

Baked chicken and cabbage salad that my mother in law prepared for Easter weekend :) And I ate far too much

PradeepGoelCEO4 karma

By the way, I am sitting at her kitchen table in the middle of the night. She very kindly prepared and left a plate full of food on the table, just in case. So when I am done here, I think I will have a second helping.


Why don't you accept bitcoin cash?
Why did you extend your sale?
Why did you peg the price of your coin to eth and btc
What exchanges will you be listed on?

PradeepGoelCEO3 karma

1) Our ability to accept different forms of digital currency is limited by the ability of the ICO wallet we licensed and use. It only supports BTC and ETH and we implemented a solution for US/Euro Wire. That dictated our choice of currencies

2) We extended the sale because of time it took to file and complete the SEC Reg D filing process. We had a number of institutions(including an insurer) who was waiting for the SEC filing to be successfully completed before engaging. The filing was successfully completed this week and we felt it prudent to extend the sale by 2 weeks till end of April

3) The peg to ETH was a difficult decision based on two types of community concerns - i) the current bear market conditions is causing highly interested participants in our project wait till ETH/BTC recovers and ii) Other token sales have adopted a ETH peg policy and is seen as a standard market practice. I debated this decision for a while and decided to peg to crypto because we feel this is more in line with market expectations.

3b) But I have to say that despite our clear intentions and detailed analysis, our community has been less than thrilled with the peg. So I am evaluating the impact and possible adjustment to the peg strategy. More to come on that front soon.

4) We can not comment or speculate about Exchange listings for multiple legal and compliance reasons.


What wallet did you license? Maybe I can contact them and convince them to add BCH! Its pretty easy.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We have already reached out to them. I cant give you their name because we are under NDA. We can forward your inquiry/statement to them if you would like

Hemunni2 karma

Who are your competition and what makes your platform different?

PradeepGoelCEO0 karma

We expect the larger IT vendors (e.g. IBM, Deloitte and others) to offer BC related capability in their centralized solutions. We however are building a healthcare administration platform from the ground up that challenges the need for centralized systems and replace them with peer-to-peer capability. So we believe we have the most comprehensive and well thought out platform and first mover advantage.

justscottaustin2 karma

Nice to meet you. I am 30 years in IT as well. So, this just came up. Had a buddy call me. They're paying "desperate money." If you had to fire a top-tier IT guy from a hospital, what sort of company would you hire to ensure ALL OF THE ACCESS was terminated, knowing nothing about their systems or logical or physical infrastructure? And they have to fire him now... ?


PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

That is a good question. The complexity of hospital systems and sub systems makes it very challenging to manage access, audit usage of information and as you mentioned above, turn off access. Given the liability of HIPAA/HITECH, I am not surprised that it is a big concern because it can get the hospital into existential danger.

I think there are excellent solutions emerging through the use of tokenized identity and access control that can help address and manage the risks you mentioned. While early stage, I think this approach will soon replace the centralized IAM (Identity and Access Management) systems in use today

tarzan3222 karma

Can we assume that since you are working in healthcare IT and blockchain, that your using healthcare servers to mine for Bitcoin?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We dont mine anything, including Bitcoin. We are building a healthcare administration including care coordination and payments platform.

SquidCap1 karma

It's worse. He want's to introduce Care.Coin as a currency in the healthcare. Quite certainly a scam, it is all about controlling the flow of money.


PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

Care.Coin is a client issued and client reserve backed currency not a Solve.Care controlled currency. Thank you for posting the link to the document.

aminok2 karma

How efficiently does your Dapp utilize blockchain resources? How much blockchain space/gas is used per client action?

Ethereum has several scaling initiatives being developed, including sharding for the main chain, Plasma sub-chains, and semi-centralized Dappchains.

Seeing as your project is Ethereum-based, are you looking at potentially moving your Dapp to Plasma or to its own Dappchain, or are you planning to stay on the main chain and count on sharding for scalability?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

I will defer the specific answer to our CTO as he is much closer to this topic. However I firmly believe that we are approaching the evolutionary point for BC where client specific needs can be addressed in an economically sensible manner.

mazinger-B2 karma

Hey Pradeep - My AMA is: What are your private keys?


PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

When I can figure them out I will be sure to let you know :)

GreatYEEZUS1 karma

When can we expect the launch of your platform?

Is the platform only US oriented and what are your plans on going worldwide?

PradeepGoelCEO3 karma

Our platform launches in Arizona in approximately 30 days.

Initial launch is physician focused (network size is approx. 5000) and followed by patients

Our second client is from the middle east. Our platform is not bound to US healthcare. We have compelling use cases to offer and are discussing with clients far east to far west. There is no reason to limit ourselves to US other than the need to manage execution quality and manage growth properly

Full-of-Colours1 karma

Can you tell us something about medical science what is very important and very little people know ?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Medical science is rapidly evolving field. I am a healthcare administrator and from my perspective, we will see tremendous advances in these areas:

1) Telemedicine will come to define care delivery in the near future 2) Personalized medicine is closer than most people realize 3) AI will absolutely play a role in care delivery 4) Most administrative processes in HC are due for redefinition and elimination over the next decade

ceocoo1 karma

You based in US ? What about regulations around doing ICO and blockchain itself in US ?

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

I am based in US and have been for 25+ years. We filed our ICO with the SEC under Regulation D Rule 506c. We are only allowing accredited US buyers to participate in our token sale and are working hard to exceed expectations and guidelines on disclosures.

nezzmarino1 karma

Regarding the recent changes in the token sale, I see only two ways of moving forward:

1) Recalculate the amount of CAN tokens each person gets so that everyone buys at ~$0.06 regardless the value of ETH when the purchase was made while keeping current offer for new buyers;

2) Revert changes, end current ETH peg and get back to the original token sale ending date.

What do you think of these proposals?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We are evaluating both options and a couple more. I have been in discussions with token buyers large and small. I think both options have merit and we are looking at combining options to create a most fair solution. I expect to announce the plan forward on Monday (or even sooner)

Personally I am more comfortable with option 2. But that is NOT a decision yet.

nezzmarino1 karma

You should really reach a decision soon, from the activity in your Telegram channel investors are becoming restless.

Personally I'm fine with it because I have faith the market will recover and so will ETH with it. Anyways Mr Pradeep, I wish you good luck with the project and may it bring great success to both us investors and the company!

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We will make a formal decision and announcement on Monday (and if possible sooner)

shu1591 karma

You fixed by looking at the difference between the pre-sale time and the current ETH rate. If so, you should also protect investors for changes in the ETH rate during the pre-sale.

I have registered for the 30% bonus period, but I have sent ETH after the presale has ended due to the delay of your kyc procedure. Therefore, I trade at an unfavorable rate than when I purchased ETH. If you fix the current rate, please fix the rate of the pre-sale at the best rate.

What do you think about this?

PradeepGoelCEO0 karma

I understand your concern which boils down to volatility of ETH (and other crypt currencies). We can not address every scenario but we are absolutely committed to creating an equitable and logical solution for most cases. We did run a very special Roll Back Time sale to address some/many of these scenarios. And I will have to look at the specifics of your situation. Please feel free to email me and we will do what we can.

shu1591 karma

Can I pm to you on telegram?

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

Absolutely. @pradeepsolvecare

shu1591 karma

If you prefer mail from telegram, please tell me your email address.

PradeepGoelCEO0 karma

Telegram is fine. Please feel free to send me a message and I will get the admin team to study the matter on Tuesday (Monday is Easter holiday and we have limited staff at work)

sdmikecfc1 karma

If someone uses the Solve Care platform with their insurance but need something that is not covered under their insurance, but referred to by their doctor... would the patient need to use an exchange to purchase the CAN tokens and what reserve would the Care.Coins come from?

PradeepGoelCEO5 karma

Great question. Referral management is a key use case. So the scenario you described would ideally result in your referral Care.Card being published by your Care.Wallet on the protocol/chain and accepted by the specialist. In that case the payment responsibility is likely to be identical to you seeing the primary care physician. But if you choose an out of network specialist then co-insurance may apply. In both scenarios you will still have access to Care.Coins issued by your insurer to pay the physician/specialist.

Now for the patient responsibility component of payment, you can attach your payment to the Care.Coin (ideal) or make a separate transaction (also better than current model) using Care.Wallet

As far as CAN is concerned, it is the gas. If your wallet is sponsored (by insurer or your employer) then it will likely draw down their CAN reserves. If not then it will draw down your CAN reserves in your wallet.

When any Wallet runs low on CAN, wallet holder has the requirement and choice of replenishing it from any number of CAN sources.

Our launch of Care.Wallet for ACN is a sponsored model where the client is sponsoring/paying for Wallets and transactions via their master wallet CAN reserves.

sdmikecfc0 karma

Thank you Pradeep, that answers my question fully.

PradeepGoelCEO0 karma

It is my pleasure.

SquidCap0 karma

And none of this works when we have a single payer and universal healthcare: money should not be preventing treatment so "how fast we can pay" is NOT the main problem. This is all about controlling the flow of money.

You should be ashamed of yourself. None of this i needed by anyone. We need real solutions for healthcare IT; the doctors who use the software and the coders who code it do not meet and there are serious flaws in that side. I see nothing that would actually solve anything, except: fast flow of money thru out the system, from top to bottom.

Mining for magic numbers is rarely the real solution.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We are not mining for magic numbers. One of our use cases is evaluating care pathways to see if physicians are leaving gaps in care. There are dozens of very compelling uses our clients are excited about. Your blanket statements are not aligned with reality or value of our solution for our target audience.

gomie831 karma

Pradeep my man. Who do you think will win the US masters?

PradeepGoelCEO7 karma

The advertisers :)

gomie831 karma

Interesting theory Pradeep. What do you make of Tigers comeback?

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

I think America is the land of second chances and Tiger is case study.

gomie831 karma

That's deep Pradeep. However when it's someone like Lance Armstrong..does he deserve a second chance?

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

I have mixed feelings. I guess in someways we all need a shot at redemption. But I have a hard time with the systematic and sustained abuse of trust. That being said, I think it is up to Lance to find his path and redemption. If he truly means to redeem himself then he can and will

gomie831 karma

I think the way he attacked others was nasty. He had an evil edge to him.

Pradeep I can imagine having a pint with you. Good day Sir

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

Thank you. You might say that it is highly unlikely because I don't drink :)

gomie831 karma

You there Pradeep??

PradeepGoelCEO3 karma

I am here. Hello everyone.

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

It is a pleasure to be here with the Reddit community and I look forward to the AMA session. Let us get started

stevearajek2 karma

Solve.care is US based company? if not can you do business with US companies?

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

We are incorporated in Estonia with a global plan and foot print. We are serving clients in US already and will do so soon in Middle East and other countries. We can and already do business in US and expect to do a lot more of it.

aliass_1 karma

Are you hiring? I’m an IT professional in the healthcare field.

PradeepGoelCEO1 karma

We are hiring. Please go contact us for opportunities and open positions in US, Europe, Asia and Middle East

Bulldogmasterace0 karma

what other healthcare administration companies are looking at solve.care for potential business?

PradeepGoelCEO5 karma

We are ABSOLUTELY thrilled with the interest we are receiving from healthcare insurers, large employers who administer/pay for employee healthcare care and integrated delivery networks. While we expected to persuade clients to adopt our platform, we did not dare project this level of interest from the community of healthcare administrators in the US and across the globe.

We expect to announce additional client partnerships in the next 30-60 days, far ahead of schedule.

Just realized you asked for names. I cant disclose names for confidentiality reasons. What I can say is that they are household names in their respective countries

ChristyCMC-1 karma

Do you get your info from Facebook, too? LOL

PradeepGoelCEO2 karma

I dont use Facebook personally as I never felt comfortable with the data collection practices.