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Whenever you say “distributed ledger” replace the words with “database for parties that don’t trust each other.”

This makes no sense in healthcare.

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I thought you were joking so I looked up the site, fortunately it is offline. WokeMommy[.]com is selling MLM oils though...

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Think about a paper ledger. It’s just a place to write down transactions and track them. Nothing groundbreaking.

The only problem a distributed ledger solves is when one or more parties can’t be trusted to be left alone with the ledger (i.e. I would give myself free money)

If one business has so little trust in another that the normal legal remedies are not enough (normally people get sued for fraud), then you have a blockchain use case. Otherwise, a transactional database (MySQL, Oracle, etc) is going to solve your problem with far less technical overhead.

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Is female. Got free stuff from guys. Story checks out.

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So I could enter in with a superior amount of power (be it processing, storage, or whatever your proof of system is) and become the sole decider of transactions?

If your answer is no, then you don’t have a blockchain, you have a database.