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The first to go will be Medicaid because $1000/month income increase leaves absolutely no one but the homeless and destitute in a handful of zip codes as eligible enrollees. $12K/year should just about cover the monthly premiums alone for a homeless 55-65 year old adult before they've received so much as $1.20 worth of delivered health care.

UBI cannot and will not "work" in America as long as income, age, zip codes, paycheck issuer, and health status remain as arbiters of who should have access to medically necessary health care.

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Your best course of action would be to make of yourself the most attractive immigrant you can possibly be to any one of the many developed nations on earth.

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$1000+ shoes on everyone though.

Because they'll last and still look like $1000 shoes for a decade.

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You're missing the part where ~88% of Germans are covered by public, non-profit insurance funds, premium rates are set by a Federal body, and coverage for family members is free.

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I'm from the UK and I can't understand how an "advanced" culture/society can profit from illness.

  1. +70 years of unrelenting anti-"Commie" propaganda

  2. +200 years of cultural preference for punishing the "undeserving"

  3. Spectacularly bad math skills

  4. Absolute inability to even conceptualize a scenario in which people are anything other than lone, competitive shoppers with a handful of expiring discount coupons, pushing a cart through the Medi-Mall.

Does that help?