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Our solution is not a power hog. We use a limited number of nodes and do not represent the kind of computing scale and power usage that Bitcoin or other uses cases of BC that you are referencing.

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This is the issue that we all face, everyone of us, sooner or later, for ourselves, our parents and children. I have been in healthcare administration most of my working life and the issues above have a personal and professional resonance with me. My young son requires tremendous amount of care from different specialists and coordinating, paying and managing his care is a full time job for my wife and constant struggle. This is despite my intimate understanding of how healthcare administration works. So obviously this is not working. And the issue is not just US. Level of misdiagnosis in developing nation is staggering. Care pathways that are proven and based on evidence are not known/followed/rewarded.

Access to care and patient/provider experience also suffers greatly from the clearinghouse functions that insurers/healthcare administrators are forced to put into place to manage cost and utilization. Everything is a round trip discussion (that often feels like an argument/barrier) starting from which doctor you can see, when, how much will it cost, who will pay, when will pay, how much is appropriate, need for specialist care or not etc. etc.

Our goal and mission is to decentralize these processes and greater authority for patients and care providers to transact directly with each other while still maintaining appropriate visibility and control over utilization, cost and quality of care.

This is why insurers/administrators around the world are reacting so positively to our solution and healthcare on blockchain platform.

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The advertisers :)

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We are ABSOLUTELY thrilled with the interest we are receiving from healthcare insurers, large employers who administer/pay for employee healthcare care and integrated delivery networks. While we expected to persuade clients to adopt our platform, we did not dare project this level of interest from the community of healthcare administrators in the US and across the globe.

We expect to announce additional client partnerships in the next 30-60 days, far ahead of schedule.

Just realized you asked for names. I cant disclose names for confidentiality reasons. What I can say is that they are household names in their respective countries

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Baked chicken and cabbage salad that my mother in law prepared for Easter weekend :) And I ate far too much