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I do. The key is in education. We can teach people media critique skills, teach them about detecting fakes. It is no where near impossible to do. But, it does require free access to that education, trust in it, trust in the government and having at least one trusted free, publicly paid media source. Trying to debunk lies one by one is not useful, instead we can teach people facts. It does works, here in Finland we do have some idiots who are not fact checking at all but compared to US social media... ours is so, so different. You just can't get away with bullshit without someone in your circles demanding further proof or different source.


edit: just reading the new government policy proposals (new government was formed today social democrats, center, green and left got in while conservatives and right wing populists were left out but they do have sizable opposition, populists are occasionally in the polls the largest party, still below 20% but it has lots of fluctuations). There is a dedicated part about combating fake news via education, more resources being directed towards education. Also, mandatory school was extended to 18 year olds, which means high school, vocational school or other second level education are now mandatory part of the education system, with all the costs dropped (previously you had to buy the books for secondary schools). editedit: also, plans for being completely carbon neutral by 2035. Now i am proud.

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Search for Tested in youtube. Adam is Adam, there is no need to exaggerate.

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At the moment, there is oversupply of replies of said arse.

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Take worst parts of Dylan and amplify them of about a factor of ten. Then add one part of the best of Dylan and you have almost full Bernard. The rest is probably equal measures of Burroughs and Jesus.