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mrnagrom3 karma

Do we still care about blockchain? I thought that shit pretty well burnt out.

mrnagrom2 karma

If you met them and they wanted to fuck. Would you be down?

mrnagrom2 karma

Can you host it somewhere other than facebook watch please?

mrnagrom2 karma

Do people still think all stoners are lazy? I know finance guys that are high 80% of the time and work 100 hour weeks unfazed. I wish weed would get legalized everywhere so people would know that basically everyone smokes.

mrnagrom1 karma

It might. I hope for the sake of your future house it does. I was-playing with the random fortune i made in doge coin i bought for like 10 bucks. so i wasn’t as attached to the market. Maybe i’ll throw some money at it just in case. I had almost no savings, now i do.