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so im just gonna brag to you. i was the only person in my highschool, that i know of, that beat block dude. it was quiet a feat at the time. thank you for the hours of enjoyment and no girlfriend. :)

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youre my favorite character on Criminal Minds. And thats hard to say with a fantastic cast like that.


If you are alone at home. Saturday morning. Your plan is to stay at home most of the day.

What does Mattew Grey Gubler prepare for himself for breakfast (the ideal perfect breakfast). And what do you do while eating that breakfast?


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I didnt go to stanford but I can tell you its the newest ponzi scheme and its worldwide! Yay blockchain-ponzi!

In my opinion blockchain has great potential. However, I dont trust this company from this AMA. So Im not buying.

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After reading all links in the comment to your comment.... this lady actually isnt cool. Shes bad.

She belives public schools should be defunded.

She supports guns.

Doesnt like minimum wage.

Shes sounds like a Polititian. A bad one. Sex vids too. Although, I didnt judge for her job/actions. Mostly her political choices.

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Hi TheHerbalChef!

With all your vast knowledge on this magical plant... what reciepe online would you reccommend to r/trees thats both potent and simple? There is always a large gap in potentcy in baked goods between users and people in the field. What is something that they do that users dont?

Many users are bad cooks as well as good cooks. We are looking for something not complicated but guarenteed to work if followed exactly.