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Is there a way I can test for liver compatibility and give you a lobe?

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Are you aware that because you did something, that doesn't dispel the "myth" of the stereotype being true and doing the opposite of what you did?

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Did you have a clear definition of harassment, or did you leave it up to the imagination of the interviewee?

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Hi. I am the father of 3 and a prolific reader.

Are you seriously telling me that people are teaching kids using the sight method? Not a single educational cartoon I have seen (and I seem them all) does this. Not a single pre-school nor any of the 6 KG teachers in my daughter's school. None in 1st grade either.

Sure there are "sight word lists," but that's not the basis of reading. Sounding out the words is.

Do you have direct evidence of school curriculum espousing this?

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What is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid and is among one of the world's more deadly poisons?