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no resources besides an MD and a residency job

No resources besides a college education and a well paying job.

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Can you answer this question again without the buzzwords

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I agree but this is the wrong website to express anything that may be perceived as even remotely feminist. Reddit is largely populated by reactionary 18-30 year old men who believe they live in some fantasy universe where all things are equal and context and history don't exist. Your comment will undoubtedly produce at least a dozen responses claiming reverse sexism, male rape whatabboutism and probably end up downvoted into oblivion, as this comment will likely be.

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Obligatory: Your company is not your family and your coworkers aren’t your family members. The company looks out for it’s interests, your coworkers look out for their interests and you look out for your own. If those interests align, then you have a good fit. But that is always subject to change. Your mom can’t fire you from being her son if she can’t afford you or found someone better or younger.

apples !== oranges