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I run a medium sized healthcare company in California and this seems like a dumb money grab. I'm not world-class but I have a J.D. and an MBA from Stanford. Blockchain is about trust distribution and transaction verification. Help me understand what you're actually doing beyond spouting buzzwords?

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How do you feel that Shark Week has turned to garbage programming like the "Megaladon: revealed" fiasco of the last SW. Do you have any moral issues associating your content with this type of programming?

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Jesus christ - what trash

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I'm sure i'll get downvoted to fuck for this; but man, you got a brand new fucking face for $8k? You can't even get a good condition Toyota Camry for $8k!

I know it's a lot of money, but holy shit, the opportunity you have now. Even at $8k, if I got a face, I'd be so grateful.

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100% truth. Don't need to go to Stanford to not be a sucker