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Ahaha. Toner is one of my oldest mates, we're practically brothers.

An AMA with Toner would have a lot of offensive responses and a lot of "fuck off ye pox" answers. It would be awesome.

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Toner is an alcohol athlete. An elite-level connoisseur of ales and liquors.

His prowess comes from days, weeks, months and years of dedicated practice.

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The republic generally has three camps in relation to anything to do with Sinn Fein or the IRA. One "pro" camp who are diehard supporters, one "anti" camp who would die rather than support Sinn Fein and the vast majority who sit in the middle and view SF as suspicious due to their past links but are willing to give their views a fair hearing.

From discussing online, the vast majority believe that Adams is guilty of some form of terrorist activity in the past and are somewhat glad to see him arrested as it's something that was expected to be inevitable, but nobody is drawing any conclusion on that specific case. The diehard supporters are convinced it's a 3-way conspiracy between the PSNI and the two Governments.

Agreed with the other response though, everyone is wary of the potential issues this could cause, as everyone wants above all else to maintain peace in NI.

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This. He appears to have identified a problem that exists because of political and social failures in the US healthcare system and then claimed he can fix this with software and "blockchain".

There is no informatiin here about exactly what he thinks he's fixing nor why using blockchain is a good idea for it.

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The state pays to put a roof over the head of everyone who does not have the means to pay for it it themselves, while also fully funding healthcare and addiction services.

It's not rocket science. Do this and you'll have a couple of hundred rough sleepers in the entire city.