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WintendoU19 karma

What are you providing that an ehr and billing system from cerner or epic doesn't have?

Its also clear you would have to integrate with both those systems and essentially replace pieces of them with your own software, do you have that capability?

Do you have relationships with any insurance companies?

The existing communication already pretty much exists. Commonwell will introduce record portability and allow any point of care to pull up historical data. EHRs already help fix billing errors and help submit the right codes to the insurance companies.

I just don't see where an outsider has an entry point. What hospital is going to want to touch some altcoin supported communication network that doesn't even have its own EHR. Hospitals already submit bills digitally to insurance companies and they tend to buy an EHR and anything else digital from a single company.

WintendoU8 karma

To be more clear, those ehr companies tend to have billing products. Such as cerner's Revenue Cycle https://www.cerner.com/solutions/revenue-cycle-management-services

They tend to sell to hospitals who buy the ehr and billing together.

Is your product a complete replacement for a billing solution like revenue cycle? Don't you need integration with the EHR to know what care the patient got and to know what to bill for?