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SaraDan868 karma

Hi, Pradeep. Been following your project off and on for a while. Since I live in the USA I have not been able to invest.

Anyway, I have been in and out of hospitals with my son for years. The bills, dealing with the doctors. One of those fun cases where they keep changning what they think the issue is. In the end I just kept adding to the bills. Then of course the insurance options just became worse and worse. I had to learn about cash deals and how the markup is so nuts, just because the crazy markups from the insurance companies and the constant battle they go through to get paid. The whole thing is just nuts.

I guess my question is what will solve do to help with all this. I don't blame the doctors for not being able to figure out the issues. But i do still hold a grudge about the whole thing just because the billing part of it make life so much worse. Not only did I have the huge bills but hours on the phone with insurance companies and hostpitals was just to much. The little free time I did have I spent it in constant battle.

Anyway like I said how can your project help with this?