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Great response.

I'm most typically average, but one of my college roommates (Amadeus, his actual name) was talented.

He was a CS major but also accepted a position as an associate professor in the math department to instruct a graduate level class. He had a lot of uncertainty about this. We had a number of conversations on how it felt to teach while also being an undergraduate.

It basically boiled down to if his students had an issue with his age or academic that it was their issue. His responsibility was to instruct.

Be brilliant and don't be ashamed about it.

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Not sure if he's still answering, but as a data guy in a stupid position (30% below market value) the reality is the industry is focused on immediate gain tied to current focus.

Best analogy I can think of is alchemy. The funders and product sales staff ask for concrete results that simply aren't possible in the current environment; they want gold from lead.

Block Chain offers a beyond row level security solution that is an extremely sexy fix to data anonymomization that money holders will throw cash at because the underlying issue is painful to resolve.

Scale a secure key based degenerate database structure and the version of obsfucation that crypocurrency developed becomes redundant. But, is anyone going to invest in a concept that I have a hard time forcing my CIO to dedicate resources toward?

It could be worse, he could be shovelling last year's 'machine learning' crap.