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What does Ticketmaster do with all the pain they harvest from the souls they rip off at the box office?

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Esperanza, you look amazing, what was your most sexually gratifying experience in porn acting?

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Seeing the whole world as 1 place every 92 minutes drove that home within me, forever.

Wouldn't that be the main reason to send series of politicians into LEO to show them what the reality of the world is to inspire them to work together more effectively?

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I've started using you more and more because I seriously don't trust Google anymore.

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I have waited for years for an opportunity to ask this question.

Suppose the Singularity emerges and it is an entity that is vastly superior to our level of intelligence [I don't quite know where that would emerge, but just for the sake of argument]: what is it that you will want from it? IE: what would you use it for?

More than that: if it is super intelligent, it will have its own purpose. Does your organisation discuss what it is you're going to do when "it's" purpose isn't quite compatible with our needs?

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson mentioned that if we found an intelligence that was 2% different from us in the direction that we are 2% different [genetically] from the Chimpansees, it would be so intelligent that we would look like beings with a very low intelligence.

Obviously the Singularity will be very different from us, since it won't share a genetic base, but if we go with the analogy that it might be 2% different in intelligence in the direction that we are different from the Chimpansee, it won't be able to communicate with us in a way that we would even remotely be able to understand.

Ray Kurzweil said that the first Singularity would soon build the second generation and that one the generation after that. Pretty soon it would be something of a higher order of being. I don't know whether a Singularity of necessity would build something better, or even want to build something that would make itself obsolete [but it might not care about that]. How does your group see something of that nature evolving and how will we avoid going to war with it? If there's anything we do well is to identify who is different and then find a reason for killing them [source: human history].

What's the plan here?