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I agree. If the school never reported the rape in a required federal report, then you should sue them so it never happens again. It's obvious that school is not a safe place, and they should be held accountable for failing to disclose accurate stats on that.

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Where's the beef?

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Black Mirror always showd the dark side of technology. What's the dark side of Juliet?

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Keep marketing the game. You'll get some more buyers. You could also add some content for it. If you do have a store though, don't go overboard on prices.

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It's another political pac trying to dumb down people. It's hard enough to get students to learn as it is. Can you imagine how much they would learn if they were left in charge of thier own learning? This country has enough idiots in it now. It's one thing to give them a pre-made curriculum with expectations of learning and working through it at thier own pace. This sounds more like letting the students choose what to learn, which is lunacy at best. As it is, many would rather do anything other than subject themselves to learning. At a minimum, they should know Applied English, Applied Math, and Applied Science, at least in this country. After that, they can choose what they want, but should know history too.