My name is Chris, I am a Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, ask me anything about health and fitness and I will try my best to answer.

My Proof:

About Me

28 Years Old 5'6 180lbs

I have spent the last 10 years dedicating my life to Health and Fitness trying, researching and testing anything I came across in relation to nutrition, supplementation (natural) and training. Ofcourse through this I have done SOOOOO MANY "wrong" things from starving myself, to extreme diets, to training causing injuries and what I believe to be the most important lesson, neglecting all the other areas of my life for fitness.

6 months after I started

Me 5 months ago in Indonesia

On a mission to motivate as many people as possible to crush their fitness goals, I recently launched a new business selling Inspirational Fitness Art for gyms, studios, home gyms, offices, Man Caves etc. We create all our Wall Art ourselves.

Check us out here:(

I will try my best to answer as many questions as you ask, no limit on time for me and hopefully these answers add value to your life.

EDIT Thanks everyone for asking questions and hopefully my answers added value in anyway.

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oppositewerewolf35 karma

Hey dude. I'm also 28, but I weigh somewhere around the 350 range. I'm trying to lose weight, do you have any advice for individuals who are morbidly obese? I've lost some 30 pounds so far this year.

lydreambig117 karma

Thanks for the question.

I think the first piece of advice for someone starting their weight loss journey is start small. Come up with 1 specific and measurable short term goal and ONLY FOCUS on that. For many people it's " no junk food" for 2 weeks. Nothing else matters at this point. Not how many workout sessions, how much protein, low carb, this diet that diet NOTHING. Once a simple goal like no junk food or go to the gym 2x a week is accomplished a few things will happen.

Firstly, you will feel great. You accomplished a goal and have made progress towards loosing weight. Second, you will feel motivated to set another goal and that's the magic sauce.

For the first few months every couple weeks progressivly add either exercise or nutrition goals to your plan and the process has begun.

That's the foundation of loosing weight.

The other super important thing is doing physical activity that you actually enjoy doing. If that's basketball, soccer, bike riding, walking, lifting weights whatever. The reason why I suggest this is because the only way to sustain physical activity is to do something you actually love. By starting there your relationship with "exercise" is all positive.

Outside of these suggestions it comes down to making your weight loss a priority, setting goals and busting your ass.

Hopefully that helps

gusmoreno1512 karma

Do you follow a strict eating routine?

lydreambig17 karma

Nowadays I don't to an extent. I eat a high protein diet, stay away from crushing junk food and go to the gym 6 days a week. That's the extent of it for me right now as I am focusing more on the professional side of my life.

ohmysweetwesley11 karma

Hi there, and thank you so much for doing this! My SO is currently working on his MA in sports nutrition and he's realizing that he does NOT want to get into nutrition counseling. I'm trying to help him find professional directions he could move in that are still health and fitness related. Any ideas?

lydreambig8 karma

Thanks for the question. I believe in life doing things that make you happy professionally is the absolute most important thing.

For him maybe it's not a job teaching or coaching people but instead a involved in fitness through other avenues. If that is a business selling fitness products, food scientist type work or simply blogging in the health and wellness space. The opportunities are endless.

The real questions is what type of lifestyle does he want. That should dictate the professional direction to take.


Hey I just (Intentionally) lost 100 pounds in seven months (6 foot 1 male 25 years old), and I now weigh 200 pounds. I've only tracked cardio, calories, and protein. I feel like shit though - no energy and super weak. Any advice?

lydreambig16 karma


Losing weight takes a toll regardless and it is usually accompanied by having no energy and weak.

I would look to increase my carbs slowly every week as they are an individuals main source of energy. You shouldn't gain rapid weight slowly allowing your metabolism to catch up and get your energy back while slowly increasing your calories.

thesilentbang17768 karma

You got any advice for a skinny guy who can't gain weight?

lydreambig6 karma

It all comes down to discipline around training and nutrition. Many people look to weight gaining supplements simply as a way to easily get in the extra calories.

As many people put goals in place to loose weight the same level of discipline needs to be put in place for gaining weight.

tsahyt7 karma

Let's get to the point. How much do you squat? Let's quantify the progress in terms we all understand, like pounds on a bar through a full range of motion.

lydreambig7 karma

Lol. Well my best was 485lbs for 2 reps. But the consequences of lifting like that were not pretty.

Every since those types of lifts a few years ago my knee has been crushed so nowadays I do alot of high rep lifting mixed with super sets and drop sets.

Bretty_boy1 karma

What do you mean by the consequences weren't pretty? The injured knee or something else?

lydreambig3 karma

The knee

sternje6 karma

I have a problem with calorie input. 5'7" 140lb. I can't eat enough to grow and I get full too fast, then food looks disgusting. I also probably don't get enough veg in because the carnivore in me loves meat, but it's heavy and filling. Advice?

lydreambig11 karma

Eating enough to grow I don't believe is that difficult. If you weigh 140lbs getting 150grams of protein is not that hard and that is enough to help getting muscles building. That's only a shake and a couple chicken breasts a day.

Obviously carbs and fat are important as well but really it comes down to setting that goal and being disciplined about it.

dank__maymay6 karma

do you even lift?

lydreambig17 karma


trypsin54 karma

What are some good vegetarian meals that pack a lot of protein?

lydreambig3 karma

Tofu is by far the best. Beans as well and vegan protein are great options.

DavidEdwardsUK4 karma

Do you have any up to date proof that you're natty?

lydreambig9 karma

Well if you take a look at the changes in my physique in 10 yrs they aren't that substantial. Other than that it's hard to provide anything since I haven't competed since 2012 where I would do piss tests frequently.

thehumanmachine3 karma

Hey man and thanks for doing this AMA!

Over the course of 3 years I've lost 120lbs trough diet and weightlifting 6 times a week I could not be more happier but I still have around 40lbs to lose and I've been really struggling to lose weight, I've lost maybe 4lbs over the last 3 months and for the life of me I can't figure out why now I'm struggling so bad.

  • I'm eating 2200cal per day

  • protein : 248gr

  • Carb : 138

  • Fat : 73

I've recalculated my TDEE and I'm eating 500-700cal under my maintenance.

What should I do? Should I try to split the macros differently?

lydreambig4 karma

Congrats. I would increase your carbs to 175g, decrease fat to 40g and decrease protein to 200g. See how your body responds and if nothing happens throw in some HIIT cardio 3 x a week. It's all a trial and error.


What is a typical day like for eating and working out?

lydreambig9 karma

Right now pretty out of the norm. I have a couple cups of coffee, do work until lunch then eat a big meal consisting more of protein than anything.

Then hit the gym 4 or 5 hours later. After the gym crush a big meal then eat something before bed.

Work out wise I train 6 days a week while doubling up arms and back as they are weak points for me. Most days its high rep (15-20) for a change of pace with lots of drop sets.

babylonsisters3 karma

Hi. Why did you become a professional natural nodybuilder and personal trainer?


lydreambig8 karma

Thanks for the question.

To be honest I became a professional natural bodybuilder because in life I always take things to the extreme. For me I couldn't just go to the gym and get in shape I needed to be in the best shape possible and that's what competing enabled me to do. It also increased the speed of knowledge development as I hired coaches to help me prepare for these shows and teach me tons of stuff about nutrition and training. I'll be honest it has taught me so much about life and these transferable skills I have been able to able to many other areas in my life and find success.

Personal training I started to just help others get in shape and avoid all the crap myths that come with the fitness industry. For me it's all about making fitness as NOT COMPLICATED as possible which gives an individual the best chance of sustaining that healthy lifestyle.

SallyGrange3 karma

What's your take on plant based diets and the growing evidence, both in the literature and the many beastly human examples, that it is optimal for health, fitness and recovery?

lydreambig5 karma

Thanks for the question SallyGrange.

To be honest I don't know that much about Plant based diets but I do know if you are able to get the appropriate amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbs and healthy fat etc. that you can create and maintain optimal health. It has been proven that many plant based diets provide all of these things when managed properly.

I also truly believe any diet if it be plant based, paleo etc. that a person can maintain while not disrupting their existing lifestyle too much is a good one because they will in the end of the day be living a healthier life which should be the long term goal.

tanissturm3 karma

hi. any good exercises to fix rounded shoulders?

lydreambig2 karma


skywatcher00073 karma

Hey Chris,

I have been wanting to double my arm and legs but when i work on my arms, they are still kind of sore. Is working out with sore muscles ok? Even after 48 hrs?

lydreambig5 karma

Personally I wait for my muscle groups to not be sore before training them. HMB is a great supplement with muscle recovery and after 48 hours I'm usually good to go.

TheBigVitus3 karma

I lost over a hundred pounds purely by changing my diet. Because I didn't excercise my body looks like dough slowly falling to the floor due to gravity. I'm not to keen on having surgery to get rid of all the hanging skin. What can I do to work it off? Is it even possible?

lydreambig7 karma

It really depends how your body responds to the weight training but I know for sure it will help out a bunch. If you aren't keen on the surgery focus on weight training and judge from there the next steps.

TheBigVitus5 karma

Thanks. I suspected as much. I think I've hit the limit of how much weight I can lose by just dieting. Now I actually have to work out if I want it to keep going. Always been dreadfully lazy so it's tough.

What do you think of excercize with resistance bands? Any tips on what type of training to do with them?

lydreambig3 karma

Training bands are great. I used them for 6 months as my only workout source.

No specific routine I followed nor know of but instead just looked for different body part exercises using resistance bands and grouped them together by bodypart for my workout split.

RadioBoxHead3 karma

Hello Chris,

I've been lifting for about a year and half, and I'm nowhere near your physique. What is your regiment and diet?

What type of workouts do you do? How many sets/reps?

lydreambig11 karma


Honestly I has taken literally 10 years of training consistently and eating right. No secret formula. After 1.5 years I was nowhere near my current physique either.

My routine and nutrition plan doesn't dictate what I look like today. What dictates that is all the years of putting in work.

Grind it out, stay consistent and make it happen!

XonikzD3 karma

Any suggestions for maintaining personal nutritional health on a budget of $20 a week in NYC?

lydreambig4 karma

That's a tough one. I lived in Manhattan for 2 years and it's not cheap.

$20 a week is simply not possible. To stretch that money it comes down to cooking simple easy food. Buy some chicken grill it and some rice.

sycorange2 karma

Hey Chris, I took on a job the last year that has thrown my sleep schedule off. I never ate the best before, but I always made time for the gym. Now with work and my messed up sleep schedule, I really want to cut out all my bad junk food I have been leaning on.

I often find myself going back to the junk, because besides the basics I don't know how to make a lot of healthy dishes. Can you provide any resources you use, or how you plan your meals if you do?

lydreambig2 karma

Ya it's tough with a funky work schedule. I don't plan my emails any more nor use resources but that is because I spent so much time tracking my food intaking and learning how to eat healthy.

There are tons of recipe websites out there for making healthy options also other snacks like protein bars and shakes are a great way to stay full without going to the junk food while busy.

rickhighland12567642 karma

Hey I have a few questions: When you say personal trainer I find its ridiculously easy to pass some of those certifications exams. Do you have any degrees? What certifications do you have? And you said you take things to extreme so have you ever thought about going past being natural? Thanks.

lydreambig6 karma

Hey Rick,

It is ridiculously easy to be a personal trainer which I believe is a total joke. The majority of people that claim to be personal trainers don't know much about health and fitness. Personally, I train people for money and provide them nutrition plans to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This information I share with them has come from 10 years of application myself and paying well renowned coaches to teach me. So I don't have certifications.

I have never thought nor will thought to go past being natural because that defeats the whole purpose of living a healthy lifestyle.

waht_a_twist162 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm moving to Europe in 2 months, but I have a LOT of fitness goals for myself: I'm definitely overweight and have a lot of work to do. I enjoy running, pole-dancing and weights; I can run anywhere but I can't pack the latter things with me, and I don't want to pay extra to join a gym. What kinds of exercises to you suggest for weight loss and total conditioning? Also, I'm sure you're familiar with the TRX and Monkii Bars- do you have a preference? And do you have a favorite protein powder (either whey/vegetarian protein or caesin, for example)? Thanks!

lydreambig2 karma

I think a great option for now while you get settled in your new country is at home workout like Insanity or P90X.

Monkii bars I am a fan of. Very portable and lots of options.

Alley_Dog2 karma

Quick question: Is running/jogging part of your routine?

lydreambig2 karma

I don't love running to be honest instead I prefer biking, walking and basketball.

So I usually bike or walk to the gym which takes (15-45mins each way) depending on the mode.

SurfaceGrinder2 karma

Can you suggest a good bodybuilding routine? Many of the routines I see are for strength training, not for bodybuilding. I am an intermediate lifter, but I have never been able to get the size I want.

lydreambig3 karma

Well it all depends on what you like doing. Some people love the heavy weights some like the heavy fatigue from cardio based lifting routines. have a bunch that are good to follow for newer lifters.

Also, Layne Norton's PHAT is a good mix of both. (

Arknell2 karma

Is it okay to eat steak as a protein source? I heard beef has some unique amino acid or something that accelerates muscle fiber buildup during rest, moreso than the other meats.

I usually eat a steak just as it is, with water or milk, maybe broccoli (no sauce, gravy, or bbq stuff).

lydreambig3 karma

Steak is great. Lots of iron and protein. The only thing is that the body has more trouble digesting a protein source like that in compared to fish or chicken. So eating it too often may back you up.

Padre_of_Ruckus2 karma

What's you daily schedule look like?

lydreambig2 karma

Replied above.

blackninja42 karma

Hey man! I have a simple question. I'm addicted to Pepsi and have about a can a day. I'm young and only weigh 125 lbs. but I need to quit. What can I do to get my caffeine fix but lower my sugar intake?

Thank you for your time.

lydreambig13 karma

Drink more coffee brother.

idahonomo2 karma

What is your favorite arm workout to double down on?

lydreambig2 karma

I love doing super sets when it comes to arms.

Right now I do 30 sets of biceps then 30 sets of triceps all super setted by each muscle group.

So I will double a set of 15-20 reps of curls then super set with barbell curls for example and do 2 or 3 rounds of those before taking a break. Similar with triceps.

dirty_dogggg2 karma

I'm a 25 year old athlete and I've always been in great shape. I played soccer in college and worked out daily. Nowadays, I play soccer, run, and work out at the gym regularly. I'm a very competitive person and can really push myself. How can I move to the next level in regards to muscle mass? Should I focus on diet? Heavier weight at the gym? I've always been the type of guy that prefers more reps over heavier weight. I've never given a fuck about my diet because I've always been in good shape. But I've also always been curious how I can break this plateau and move to the next level.

Cheers mate

lydreambig2 karma

Honestly I think your best bet is to put some time and effort into getting your nutrition on point. If you have been and continue to be consistent around physical activity nutrition is the factor to control.

Focus on increasing your protein as a solid first steps.

The heavy weight at the gym doesn't necessarily mean muscle gains.

LucyOnTheTree2 karma

What's your opinion on calisthenics?

lydreambig3 karma


I think they are a great option for getting physical activity in especially for athletes looking to increase certain aspects of their game and people that have trouble making it to the gym.

For example i recently came home from a 6 month trip abroad where I had no gym. All my workouts consisted of bodyweight training.

If you enjoy it do it.

djshine882 karma

Hi Chris. Do you have any tips on getting back to lifting bigger? I injured myself a few times and am beginning to plateau/fear every time I go to my max. It's making me panic each time before I do a heavy lift.

lydreambig3 karma

Its scary I know with knee problems myself. There are boundaries that sometimes we can't cross. If it gets you nervous don't push it.

Look for other ways to break plateau's. New exercises, dropsets, super sets, change reps, do upper and lower day splits etc.

Adapt-Overcome2 karma

Hello Mr. Chris. I would greatly appreciate your feedback. :-)

I am a male, 16 years old, 5"6, and my weight varies around 120lbs (54-55kg).

My dream is to become very fit, muscular, strong. To have a nice physique... But I know very little about training. So I have much to learn. However after some research, I am interested in Calisthenics.

Recently, I have begun a routine that includes

3 sets of chin ups 3 sets of elevated push-ups 3 sets of leg raises 3 sets of bench dips 3 sets of squats

Will I achieve my goals by continuing this routine and adding harder variations of these exercises as I become stronger?

Will I gain lots of muscle mass?

Thank you for your time :-)

lydreambig1 karma

Yes you will. Why? Because you enjoy it, it's physical activity and it will lead you down a curious path of finding other ways to reach your fitness goals and get the body you desire.

jammmyjams2 karma

Hey, Chris. I just turned 17, and Im not vastly unhealthy, Im just not very muscular. I've tried working out, but it just isn't my thing. Is there any other way I can improve muscle strength?

lydreambig1 karma

I would look in bodyweight training or other sports that involve muscle engagement. Maybe lifting weights is not your thing which is not a "bad" thing. For some people they don't like it.

Try a bunch of other activities and see what you want

habbabadagada2 karma

Hey, first of all, thank you so much for your time. Here's my question: what do you say about the ketogenic diet? I've had a ton of success with it, but sticking with it for long periods of time has been the real issue. How can I keep it up as a lifestyle rather than a diet, and is it worth doing in the first place?

lydreambig2 karma

I love keto. I think it's a great option for many but the downside many times is sustainability like you said.

You should look at the Paleo diet. It is similar to Keto except more sustainable in my opinion. Check it out

Criss-Istr2 karma

I worked out for a few years, but without a specific diet(I just ate whatever was in the fridge). I haven't been to the gym in two years, and now I want to get back into it, but this time properly. Where can someone that knows nothing about nutrition learn more?

lydreambig3 karma

A great source to start is Amazing amount of science based information.

heliotrope3n2 karma

What do you recommend for young people to do to keep healthy and fit?

lydreambig3 karma


AuWRECK2 karma

Heyo Chris, I'm 167 lbs and I'm around 5'7, 16 years old and I have scoliosis. I've never really worked out before or have had a fixed diet. Do you have any tips on where to start?

lydreambig2 karma

I would start with bodyweight exercises to start building some strength especially in the core. These are exercises like push ups, pull ups etc.

From there you can start looking into weight training but I'm unfamiliar with how to approach training with scoliosis so please make sure to connect with someone who knows about this area before jumping all in.

Bigdamndog1 karma

How many calories do you eat a day to maintain that much mass without packing one excess fat? Seriously, I'm 5'6, medium framed, and at 180 I'm soft as hell.

lydreambig2 karma

I don't eat too much calories at this point in my life but ensure my protein intake is high, I take the right supplements and work out frequently. That's only because it's not as much of a priority for me right now.

HiImNickOk1 karma

Is it better to eat as healthy as possible, and have no physical activity, or eat as unhealthy as one pleases with frequent physical activity?

lydreambig3 karma

I don't think any of those extremes are right. A balanced nutrition and training routine is what makes that lifestyle sustainable.

mikechi25011 karma

Hey Chris, As a Natural BB (I see you mentioned Dr Layne Norton a few times - whom I respect greatly) where do you see the future of the IFBB? Do you follow pro bodybuilding?

lydreambig1 karma

Hey. Layne rocks!

I am a fan of the IFBB and follow it closely. To be honest I think it's going to steer towards the less freakish direction. It's pretty evident with the explosion of the Physique division and classic division although both still use steroids but at least they aren't monsters.

Over time it just makes sense to grow the IFBB's reach and increase new people joining the league to move towards super big ppl.

Bluepass111 karma


lydreambig1 karma

Honestly I can't tell you.

uncommon_comment1 karma

Chris, I've been very interested in the probiotics in many varieties of mushrooms/fungus, do you have any experience in that area of naturalism? If so, what would you suggest and how might someone get started?

lydreambig1 karma

Sorry I don't. Why are you interested in regards to these probiotics?

cmrocks1 karma

What constitutes natural? Simply no anabolic steroids? No supplements at all? There is a grey area between what is considered natural and what is not. Just wondering for some more clarification.

lydreambig1 karma

Natural competitively is defined by No steroids and a bunch of other supplements that are sold over the counter but that aren't steroids like DMAA sometimes.

I take basic supps like protein, vitamins, creatine, preworkout and amin acids.

Pietz0r1 karma

How important do you think it is to have variety in meals? I eat the same 4 meals every day. Its alot easier to stick to my macros that way and I can prepare beforehand. But does it have any negatives?

Is creatine useful while trying to lose fat? What are the most useful supplements in your opinion and when would you use them? Thanks for doing this!

lydreambig2 karma

Variety in meals is very important to me for the simple reason of sustainability. I personally could not deal with eating the same food every meal for years on end. I did it for 4 years and it created a very negative relationship with food for me plus bing eating. Yes it may be easier to manage your macros but with a little more flexibility and tracking you can sustain a health diet for many years without going crazy.

Creatine is very important when loosing fat as it is the best supplement for muscle recovery. Which is difficult during a fat loss phase.

The most important supplements in my opinion are multi vitamin, fish oil, creatine and whey protein. L-Carnitine is up there a well.

Werdikinz1 karma

I'm 26 and used to be relatively fit about 2 years ago. Since then I went from 170, up to 205, now back down to around 180 and I'm 5'11. However my gut is still significantly larger than it used to be, I've lost alot of waist weight. I know cardio is good but it's hard with asthma, my question is what's a low cardio method to shred gut fat, and also what's a way to improve cardio with asthma? Is there a way to strengthen your lungs?

lydreambig1 karma

I would focus on diet to be honest. Gut fat in many instances comes down to what you eat.

I can't answer much about the asthma questions as I am not familiar.

Boxscape1 karma


lydreambig2 karma

No I don't as a stand alone method.

Cutting out excessive fat in your diet is a different story and red meat is not a lean protein but there are many other ways to approach loosing weight then simply cutting out red meat. I would look there first.

boskoliscious1 karma

I'm 43 and was always fit until I started taking supplements , now I'm big around the gut and find it hard to have any stamina . What can I do to reverse this ?

lydreambig6 karma

I don't think supplements have done that to you. Regardless of the supplements unless they pack lots of calories it comes down to calories in and calories out. If that's nutrition or training managing that is your best bet

Quodperiitperiit1 karma

Hi. Thanks so much for doing this! Years ago I abused steroids and got hella jacked. I didn't know shit I just lifted and ate and slept and got big. I stopped a long time ago and then predictably got fat and lazy. I miss what I had and I want it back.

I'm NOT going to go back to roids; that shit was crazy. The thing is that of course the stuff I did then obviously isn't working now wen I try it.

Now Here's my question: can you recommend any textbooks or science/evidence based literature that synthesizes and explains the fitness aspect of bodybuilding? I ask because I'm so tired of the random journal articles and bullshit advice.

I want to pick up a textbook or manual (or two or three) and have the theories, research, methodologies of programming, recovery, nutrition, etc explained in a way that is supported by evidence, not bro-science. I would love to know WHY doing it "this particular way" is preferred over another way. I want to get on your track.

Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks bro!

lydreambig1 karma

No problem brother and good to hear the roids aren't an option for you anymore.

Here is a great place to start.

Also, Lyle Macdonald is really legit as well.

HydroWrench1 karma

SO, 6'4" cyclist, 182lbs +/-6 depending on how my water wants to act that particular week.

How gnarly would i have to dial down my calories of carbs/proteins/fats, while still keeping enough MOSTLY carbs for fueling either longer moderate training rides ranging 4hrs+ or really intense 1-1.5hr training efforts? Friends give me a hard time for not making "pro-weight" and mind you that's a weight of anything just north of 170 but south of 180. I've tweaked a few things which brought me down from hovering around 190lbs which included a quick 20mins of my trainer first thing in the morning 3 times a week, with only an espresso shot in my system and then some oatmeal on my way into work.

Also, what kind of lower weight, higher rep plan would you suggest for my upper body in order to refine lean mass but not add bulky weight. namely shoulders/traps/arms/some lats. The whole leg thing i've got under control for now.

lydreambig1 karma

I don't think there is any magic formula like fasted cardio and it's also difficult to suggest a caloric intake without knowing what you currently intake.

Once you understand that baseline you can slowly change the macro (carbs, protein, fat) numbers down every week. You could also do carb cycling (2 low days, 2 med days 1 high day then repeat) and plan your high days and med days around rides.

I believe the high rep to define is a myth. If you want to build lean muscle most programs would work as long as the diet is in place and your training is consistent. Don't correlate high reps with lean mass and low reps with bulk. Correlate eating too much food with bulk.

fatkidftw1 karma

Hi Chris,

I just finished an 8 week body transformation (243->208, 6'2"… ) with a pretty solid diet and exercise routine, but I've noticed that I'll gain a ridiculous amount of water weight if my sodium intake increases. Any tips on maintaining a more cut state? Just skip the sodium?


lydreambig2 karma


I wouldn't skip sodium all together. Limit it yes but skipping it is unsustainable and will start messing with your mind always trying to avoid it.

Maintaining a lean physique is not reliant on one factor like sodium for example. You need to work to find what type of routine both nutritionally and training you can sustain that allows you to continue building muscle and staying lean.

mimisu1 karma

why can some people eat what they want and not get fat? any answer other than cals in < cals out?

lydreambig1 karma

I can't tell you with absolute certainty but I know for sure their metabolism and body structure plays a big role. Everyone processes calories differently and store fat in different places.

For those very skinny they have the capacity to manage alot more carbs and fat then others and their metabolism works like a horse.

whiffymink1 karma

A few questions:

  1. What's would be the best macronutrient ratio for losing fat and gaining mass at the same time. I've heard a lot about 40%protein 40%carbs and 20%fat in total calories. I'm 6' 200lbs I have a small amount of muscle but if I had to guess I'd say around 25% body fat.

  2. Is it impossible to gain weight if you are in a caloric deficit? Some of my friends say bread blah blah blah turns instantly into fat, but if you're resting calorie burning rate +cardio calories burned exceeds your consumption, it seems logically impossible that that would be true.

  3. I had surgery a few years ago on my left shoulder. My left arm is way behind in size and strength. I've only been working out for 9 weeks now, how can I catch it back up and how long will it take to become similar in size so I can be concerned if I see no progression?

Thanks in advance!!!

lydreambig1 karma

  1. That is a basic macro split that works for most but my recommendation is to try different mixs of %'s and see how your body responds best.

  2. Why would you want to be in a caloric deficit if your goal is to loose gain weight?

  3. I would simply increase working out the lagging should while laying off the non lagging shoulder until size catches up.

chubbypenguin3121 karma

I'm 19, 140 lbs, 5'10 and am about 5 months into a weight training program. I'm keeping some cardio in my daily life.

My question is about protein intake. Is it super important for a weight gain oriented workout program? Are there other nutrients that are just as/more important?


lydreambig1 karma

Protein is the king macro for muscle building. It's important for gaining muscle but weight you can gain by increasing fat and carbs as well.

Start with increasing carbs and see how your body responds then adjust accordingly.

000010010001000 karma

Hey man, I wanted to know your opinion on the new laws banning essentially banning homeopathy. How do you think that will affect the alternative medicine culture? Also, in another vein of a natural lifestyle, how much more expensive do you think living organically is over living on the "McDonald's Diet"?

lydreambig1 karma

Sorry I can't comment about homeopathy I don't know much about the new laws.

Organically is alot more expensive than a Mcdonalds diet.

000010010001001 karma

Thanks for the response. I assume you eat better than just bare essentials, but what would you say your food bill is each month?

lydreambig2 karma

Probably around $500

dj2short-8 karma

Why do you feel the need to lie about being natural? How do you sleep at night knowing you make money off of this lie?

lydreambig2 karma

I'm not