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How do you view Japan now?

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Thank you for your service. Besides writing, what are you currently doing for work now that you are out of the agency? You mentioned that you were paid on the GS scale, what grade did you start at and end on? If the CIA and the FBI had a professional wrestling style royal rumble, with equal numbers in the ring, which other agency do you see running in mid way through and stone cold stunning everyone? Thank you for any answers you provide.

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Ok, thank you for your response.

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Ha, nice, and glad to hear you're getting to relax for a bit. I would have imagined EEO wouldn't be too involved with members in the field, crazy to think of being in such conditions and walking on eggshells made of feelings and political correctness. Then again, you've got military operators getting discharged for shoving child rapists. I wish you the best, send my regards to your cat.

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What are your thoughts on the 200,000+ people who have permanently moved to the U.S. since the storm?