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...got such a supple wriiiiist.

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The intention of the law is good and noble. Unfortunately, it is frequently hijacked by unscrupulous lawyers who threaten to bring suits against small businesses that are somehow not in compliance; no ramp, no unisex handicap restroom, etc. and those bloodsuckers offer 5-figure settlements to not pursue action. Which any rightminded business owner is going to see is far cheaper than hiring a lawyer and fighting it. And the settlement money does not go to actual disabled people, it goes directly to the lawyer. And maybe he tosses a few hundred to the real handicapped person the suit is filed on behalf of. But this law is just too prone to abuse. Keep the law, get rid of the lawyers.

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What is the most challenging solo you've performed before an audience? And why was it challenging?

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So you're not perfect, big deal. They can't take away your title, though. Unless you were using performance enhancing drugs.

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San Diegan here. What was the restaurant group please? And did you train with/under Shige-san?