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How viable is a career in the navy given the current state of the country/government etc. ?

Ive got a degree in diesel/industrial tech. With a follow up on hydraulic applications engineering and commercial HVAC.

Not to mention, what the heck is the age cutoff to enlist? 31yrs old as of this past june.

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Has a role you've been in, in the past or present, been as much fun as your role in Willow?

Throughout my childhood watching that movie, and even watching it now. I can only imagine what times were had with the cast and crew.

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Im from San Angelo, but living in Houston since about 2007

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SO, 6'4" cyclist, 182lbs +/-6 depending on how my water wants to act that particular week.

How gnarly would i have to dial down my calories of carbs/proteins/fats, while still keeping enough MOSTLY carbs for fueling either longer moderate training rides ranging 4hrs+ or really intense 1-1.5hr training efforts? Friends give me a hard time for not making "pro-weight" and mind you that's a weight of anything just north of 170 but south of 180. I've tweaked a few things which brought me down from hovering around 190lbs which included a quick 20mins of my trainer first thing in the morning 3 times a week, with only an espresso shot in my system and then some oatmeal on my way into work.

Also, what kind of lower weight, higher rep plan would you suggest for my upper body in order to refine lean mass but not add bulky weight. namely shoulders/traps/arms/some lats. The whole leg thing i've got under control for now.

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Daily intake is anywhere from 2200 to 2800 depending on whether its a training or non training day. 1g carbs per kg of bodyweight on non train days and 2g per kg on training days. Granted most of that is taken usually two hrs before my sessions. Then i also remember that a 80+ mi training ride will cook off that level of daily caloric intake, or if it's a semi competitive 100mi ride then it's almost 4000calories, with myself taking in 500-600calories every hour.

at this point ive got a bad feeling that i'll have to really cut out all the unnecessary items from my diet to get lower. i've alrealy managed to cut out extra sugar from the random soda or energy drink over these past two weeks. bollocks.