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> Why did you ask this question?

Well first the fact that you were raised in an extremely religious environment. That alone can be traumatic for people. Then there's the fact that you did LSD for almost a year until you "almost died." I assumed that you did that to medicate some sort of illness like depression or anxiety, or to fix a type of behavior. Then that post on your blog about your "episodes" where you experience "crying, gasping, writhing, laughing, and mutism" and "ego death." You associate it with some spiritual thing in Buddhism, but they can be the symptoms of many mental illnesses.

I'm glad that you're in therapy and I hope you're being open with your therapist about exploring other topics beyond that particular stressor.

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how much time did you spend learning per day?

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Hey. Are you in therapy at all? Or have you considered trying it?

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cool. any tips on staying motivated and getting disciplined?

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Telecomunications I guess. But it's odd to use the term telco veteran.