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This question will not get answered.

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This ends any sympathy or hope i have for this person.

I will save my "good luck" for the next person.

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As a recovering addict of a $500 a day Oxy habit (yes...I would swallow/snort/plug/shoot 6 to 8 of the 80mg Oxys at a time) I would like to thank you for this exposure!

What are your thoughts on Chris Bells Prescription Thugs documentary?

How much time have you devoted to Oxys fallout i.e. methadone/ naloxone/ suboxone / subutex / Zubsolv addiction, etc and the governments role in approving these lucrative "anti-opiate" medications?

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Im assuming over-the-road with a nice sleeper cab?

If so, how often do you sleep on the rig? Whats the cost/benefit for a motel room?
Does it depend on the trip?

Last one: how do you feel about CSA?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Chris, As a Natural BB (I see you mentioned Dr Layne Norton a few times - whom I respect greatly) where do you see the future of the IFBB? Do you follow pro bodybuilding?