Billy Clements and Tom Cram here from the lead team of DigiTech, here to answer your questions!


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duffmcshark47 karma

When will there be a Space Station reissue in a yellow Whammy V chassis?

DigiTechfx26 karma

(billy) i would love to know this as well - :-)

DigiTechfx26 karma

(Tom) I'd really be into doing a new Space Station, but we are VERY wary of doing another since the first time around it was such a bomb.

LiftsEatsSleeps11 karma

Product launch is all about timing. There are so many examples of products launched at the wrong time doing poorly and later similar products doing extremely well. You have a chance to hear directly from your target customer base here and if you like money I'd recommend listening. The original XP300 can go for up to $700 on the 2nd hand market these days (typically atleast $400). This doesn't happen to gear people wouldn't buy if reissued.

DigiTechfx7 karma

(Tom) I am listening.

LiftsEatsSleeps5 karma

Good to know Tom. I wasn't trying to come off like a dick at all just trying to be clear that it would be a big deal for many of us since we can't afford the used prices where there isn't enough to go around.

DigiTechfx7 karma

(Tom) No worries! We're all just talking here, right?

thudwhomper4 karma

If you could just do a pedal with the Space Station swells (settings 1-4) I would be happy.

DigiTechfx7 karma

(Tom) That is a possibility, though not my favorite possibility! :)

Hookenfranker4 karma

Even as a proud owner of an original XP300, I'd love to see what you guys can do with a reissue.

Along those lines, what's your opinion on the Jet Pack mod...the one that allows any one of the XP models to switch between ALL of the XP models?

Thanks for being here and doing this AMA.

DigiTechfx5 karma

(Tom) I think it is cool.

However, IME people with the Jet Pack Mod end up using only one model anyway.

minty90118 karma

Please could you make a stereo reverb pedal with a stereo effects loop built in? Thank you :)

DigiTechfx10 karma

(billy) interesting idea.

workaccountoftoday12 karma

Does work get harder or easier for you with advancing technology? I imagine in the past most of the work was figuring out how to make a decent sound with the hardware that was available to mass produce. Now that people (even you guys) are starting to get way more software based with common equipment such as ipads, is the workload easier than in the past or is it an entirely different ballpark?

DigiTechfx21 karma

(Tom) Cool question!

People tend to think that software is easier than hardware, I have found that it is just as difficult. And tweaking/voicing takes the same amount of effort (sometimes more). I gotta say that the biggest problem for me when it comes to software are the super high release cycle expectations from customers. Companies far larger than us have set a standard that is very difficult to meet.

TheSanityInspector12 karma

Who are some guitarists we might know who use your gear, if you're at liberty to say?

DigiTechfx23 karma

(Tom) Hi TheSanityInspector, there are tons! Off the top of my head: Page Hamilton, Steve Vai, Tom Morello, Nick Reinhart, Adrian Belew, Agata, Matt Bellamy, Steve Vai, David Gilmour, Ed O'Brien, Jonny Greenwood, Buckethead, Jack White, and on, and on...

kcastun46 karma

What about Steve vai??

DigiTechfx14 karma

(Tom) He's in there. To give full props; Steve Vai and Tom Morello are the guys who put the Whammy on the map.

NikolajC20 karma

Pretty sure that was a joke. You mentioned him twice.

DigiTechfx17 karma

(Tom) Did I? I've been typing really fast!

EumenidesTrousers10 karma

Nick Reinhart getting higher billing than Muse, Radiohead, and David Gilmour! Fuck yeah!

DigiTechfx12 karma

(Tom) I have a man-crush on Nick.

workaccountoftoday12 karma

Do digitech and other companies worry about their future with the new love of vintage tech? It seems like a lot of people these days just want sounds of the past. Is it frustrating as newer engineers to have to come up with new products to convince people their new sounds are superior and easier to use?

DigiTechfx13 karma

(billy) good question for sure. i think now days people just think of technology as a tool, whether it is coming from a vintage rack processor or modern amp modeler. musicians are just trying whatever is available (and there is so much available!) to get them the sound they are envisioning in their head. it may come from a vintage mic pre or a cool plug-in. both have their place in the world of creating music.

Shugbug198610 karma

What are some resources you recommend for people wanting to get into music making?

DigiTechfx26 karma

(Tom) Go hang out with musicians. Seriously, go hang out with musicians and the opportunities will present themselves.

11geosno10 karma

What are the next load of DOD/Digitech pedals to be reissued?

DigiTechfx18 karma

(Tom) 11geosno, I can't say specifically, but since they have been leaked the Gonkulator and Meatbox are next for DOD. DigiTech will have more pedals like the Obscura and Polara.

TheCosmicTerrapin10 karma

Hi guys, thanks for doing this AMA! The Bad Monkey was the first pedal I ever bought, and it's still on my board to this day.

What's the pedal design process like? Do you tend to start with a clear idea (e.g. let's make a brighter delay), or do you tinker effect until you find a sound you like?

DigiTechfx16 karma

(billy) very good question. it is a bit of both a clear idea and tinkering combined with trying to fill a market need. in the case of bad monkey we all loved the tube screamer but one aspect of it was that you would lose low end when cranking up the tone knob - being a strat player this was a huge issue for me. our solution was to design a ts9 style overdrive (hence the green color) with both a high and low tone control so you could recover the bass frequencies lost when the tone was turned up.

6ef2222b8cca421386056 karma

Let me just say that the Whammy V is an order of magnitude better than the previous incarnations in terms of tone and tracking, but I desperately miss the separate output for the wet signal. Any chance that could be added back in the next version?

DigiTechfx7 karma

(Tom) Probably not, the Whammy V is meant to be super focused, that means shedding unnecessary complexity.

peepeeface23 karma

i also suspect the the true-bypass on the whammy V, limits this possibility as well?

fwiw i dont even use the old vintage switch on mine.

DigiTechfx2 karma

(Tom) Yes, true-bypass does limit the options. The second out would have to be buffered, millennium, or we could possibly use a 4PDT. VERY few guitarists used the second out, so we opted to eliminate it.

2k4s6 karma

will you come out with anything like the Timebender soon?

DigiTechfx5 karma

(Tom) Probably not, the Timebender was a lot like the Space Station. It is a really, really, cool pedal that no one bought.

AndrewJ3146 karma

What's your favorite pedal and why? My personal preference is the Death Metal pedal, mostly due to the dark and fuzzy tone. The bloody logo helps too.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(billy) i have several favorites but one i loved was the brian may red special. it was so cool to work on all the artist series pedals but brian's tone was one i was always facinated with. nobody could get close to his sound prior to this pedal.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) I LOVE the old DOD 680 Delay. It has been the only constant in my ever-changing pedal collection.

PantslessDan5 karma

What's your opinion on boutique builders like JHS or to a lesser extent Walrus Audio that have been accused of directly copying existing designs and selling them as their own for a much higher price?

DigiTechfx5 karma

(Tom) I'm good friends with a lot of builders and I have found that most guys are pretty open about who their influences are. Also there are a lot of common circuit designs, for example, we have been accused of copying MXR. So, my thought is; stop being sneaky, there's plenty of room in the pool even if you are wearing the same swimming suit as someone else. Just be open about it.

greyhawk0095 karma

For a new player just starting out, what would be your top 3 recommended pedals? let's say you have a $250 budget. Thanks.

DigiTechfx23 karma

(Tom) Buy a Hardwire HT-6 tuner and use the rest of your money for a killer amp!

newmemph715 karma

Has Fractal Audio's Axe FX II had an impact on your business?

DigiTechfx12 karma

(Tom) Not really, the Fractal stuff is very cool but way out of the price ranges where we live.

DigiTechfx5 karma

Okay Folks! It is after 5:00 and time for me to go home. Thanks to all who participated and feel free to ask more questions, I'll check back in periodically.

Thanks All! Thanks Reddit!

runoverrat5 karma

So the whammy pedal can do 2 octaves, would it be feasible to go for more? (4,5,10 octave range?)

DigiTechfx40 karma

(Tom) We can go way high and way low, but going up 5 or more gets out of human hearing range! Maybe a Whammy D, for dogs?

Griffinsauce4 karma

Are you planning to do anything new in the vain of the GSP1101? It still is the core of my setup and many others!

DigiTechfx4 karma

(Tom) I definitely have plans for all of our MFX. The RP360/XP were just the first steps in that area.

cowmaster393 karma

As a long time GSP1101 user, I got tired of waiting for an updated unit, so I eventually jumped ship to Fractal.

I still love my GSP though and I've kept it as a B-rig in case anything happens to my Fractal rig. I am super curious to see what Digitech can bring to the table to compete with the new Line 6 Helix line.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) Axe FX and Helix are in a price range that we have never played in. Don't wait for us to compete head-to-head with either of their offerings.

adamtao4 karma

Tom, can I borrow one of those screwdrivers on your desk?

DigiTechfx14 karma

(billy) no you can't

jpttaylor4 karma

Not a typical question, but what made Digitech want to specifically reissue DOD rather than develop new circuits under the Digitech name? This then sort of leads onto my next question, which is do you see DOD and Digitech/Hardwire as distinct brands or more as collaborators?

Hope that makes sense, and keep up the good work!

DigiTechfx17 karma

(Tom) It came out of pure fandom. I am a huge fan of DOD circuits and sounds, and the 250, 201, and 410 were pedals that I was modding in my spare time. Only later did I come to the realization that DOD should be the analog line and DigiTech should be the digital pedals. I've been hewing to that distinction ever since.

DigiTechfx1 karma


minty9014 karma

Do you think the iStomp failed to reach the level of success you were (presumably) expecting, and if so, why do you think that is?

DigiTechfx10 karma

(Tom) DigiTech has a long history of trying weird things. Sometimes they work (Whammy), sometimes they don't (Space Station). With the iStomp we really wanted to shake things up and get players thinking about their pedals in a new way.

The thing is, that goes completely against the grain of what pedal guys want right now.

letspretendimgreat6 karma

Space Station is fantastic!

DigiTechfx14 karma

(Tom) Sure is!

Too bad guitarists hated it when it came out. Back in the day we couldn't give them away.

MexicanMouthwash5 karma

I feel like it was just ahead of its time. It's sort of funny how there is such a large demand for this pedal now (probably due to the advancement in experimental music, i.e. Math Rock/Post Rock), compared to when it was released.

Are there any other older pedals that didn't sell well on release, that has had resurgence in demand, that you've noticed?

And also, if you each could re-release an old DigiTech/DOD pedal, what would you choose? (Except the Space Station ;-) )

DigiTechfx7 karma

(Tom) For sure! The Gonkulator did not do all that great, but the demand right now is very high.

I loved the old PDS series, the 8000 in particular was so cool.

MorelloWorkaholic4 karma

How does it feel to know that the Whammy is pretty much a signature pedal for lots of famous guitar players, and for it to have such a recognizable sound amongst guitar effects?

Edit: also, my 1st pedal ever was an RP80. Thank you guys so much for it.

DigiTechfx6 karma

(Tom) It's an honor and a responsibility. Any time our stuff gets used to make great music (that's what this is all about, right?) it feels amazing. I would say that it feels a lot like writing a good song...

MorelloWorkaholic3 karma

Thank you so much for answering! You must be really proud about it and about what is has become today. Do you keep pursuing that kind of groundbreaking guitar effects or guitar pedal ideas nowadays (like you did back in the day with the Space Station, or most recently with the iStomp), or do you focus more on just developing and improving already well known and appreciated effects?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) We try to do both. For example, we just released TRIO and the Gunslinger. One is a technological marvel, one is a MOSFET analog distortion. Two very different pedals, one company.

parrot944 karma

Hi guys, really dig your pedals. I have a Whammy IV and an old school DOD stereo flanger on my board at the moment, I'd add a few more if I had the spare cash which leads me on to my question for you.

Is there any plans for a Space Station reissue? I really love the sounds you can get out of the pedal but the prices they go for online are way out of my price range. I'm sure there are plenty of others in my situation who'd also love to get their hands on one

DigiTechfx13 karma

(Tom) We get a lot of requests for a new Space Station and we have had quite a few conversations about what something like that would be. I can't go into detail, but know that we are considering it very seriously.

darktapestry4 karma

Thanks for doing this! I love my BP200, but it seems like there is less innovation for bass multi-effects processors than guitar ones - can you comment on that?

DigiTechfx6 karma

(Tom) We've decided to de-emphasize the separation. I'm a bassist as well as an guitarist so I decided that I would do everything in my power to make sure that all of our new stuff works well with bass. For example, by design, the RP360 sounds great on bass, you should check it out.

MorleyDotes3 karma

I recently got an XBS bass Multi-band compressor pedal and love it. Especially useful when I play my standup in a small room with a loud band to avoid low end feedback. My question is twofold. First why do they go through batteries so fast and why does the power block I got with my BP200 not work with it? Shouldn't a Digitech 9v power supply work with all Digitech 9v pedals? Or am I missing something? Thanks.

DigiTechfx4 karma

(Tom) The BP200 uses an AC/AC adapter, the XBS is probably AC/DC.

jock-a-mo3 karma

How do I get a job in this field? I'm a first year electrical apprentice in Canada, and hoping to move into instrument/effects repair and design. I'm 27 and been playing guitar and drums since I was 11, but I just couldn't break into the music industry and had to settle with a trade.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(billy) there are a couple of aspects to this business - the marketing/sales side and the design/engineering side. depending on which field is right for you i would recommend pursuing the studies required for those diciplines. also staying well versed and up to date on the many technologies and their uses (recording, effects processing, live sound etc...) is a huge plus.

audentis3 karma

The EHX Pitchfork is next up on my wishlist, though I still have to explore alternatives. What Digitech pedal should I take into consideration?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) It depends upon what you want to accomplish and whether tracking is a priority. If you are looking to just drop-tune, then I'd look at the Drop since it has way more intervals. If you are looking to do real-time Whammy stuff, then well, there's only one Whammy.

The tracking on the Drop and Whammy V/DT is exceptional, if you can I highly recommend A/B testing against the PF, that will be the best test.

Dejaentendu933 karma

Hey guys. I saw your tweet about doing this minutes after said tweet was tweeted... On Twitter. Thanks so much! My first pedal was a chrome Anniversary Whammy IV, a grad present years before I was into the pedal game. It still stands proud on my board though. I love the last few almost boutique flavoured pedals you have released and I'm hoping to grab a Polara soon. My question is if you could tell us what pedal that's come out from a different manufacturer recently has made you say "Damn! I wish we had that idea."?

Bonus question, dream set up - guitar, amp, 3 pedals.

DigiTechfx6 karma

(Tom) I'm a fuzz guy, and we don't have a fuzz in our line-up, so every time anyone releases a cool fuzz I say that!

I've been totally in love with the Catalinbread Belle Epoch though, I'm also a total delay whore.

DigiTechfx9 karma

(Tom) Hmmmm, Gretsch Duo-Jet, Vox AC30, Bad Horsie, LSTR Fuzz, Obscura Delay (you guys realize that I totally made the Obscura for myself, right?)

Superfarmer3 karma

Have you seen this guy's post about the DOD Phasor 201?

What did you all think about it?

Are you aware that we all want DOD phasors now?

DigiTechfx2 karma

(Tom) Well, what are you waiting for? Go get 'em! The 201 is my favorite pedal out of all the new updates.

BigDon83 karma

When you're testing a new pedal out, what's your rig look like? Anything special?

DigiTechfx6 karma

(Tom) We test on a lot of different amps and guitars in an attempt to make sure our stuff sounds great with any setup. That said, when it gets down to really tweaking I always use a Vox AC30 and a Gibson SG or Fender Telecaster.

puigforpresident3 karma

Hi Guys, Sorry if this isn't the sort of question you can handle.

The input jack on my old Whammy II is messed up. I sent an email to Digitech to see if there was anyone who could repair it and I never heard back. is there anyone who can help me fix it? Is there a possibility of a Whammy II reissue?


DigiTechfx4 karma

(Tom) Try TCS again, they are going to be your best bet for repair. [email protected]

Sorry, there is no chance of a Whammy II reissue.

cristocebaceo3 karma

Is it true that there will only be 3000 reissue Meatboxes made? Juan Alderete said that's because you've found a box with old Samsung chips that the Meatbox needs or something.

Also, when can I buy one?

DigiTechfx4 karma

(Tom)That is true! We bought out the entire existing NOS supply of the IC that was in the original Meatbox. Get 'em while you can.

cristocebaceo2 karma

Will you have them overseas? I'm from Portugal! :(

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) Yes!

GRPVNE1 karma

you sure about that? ;)

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) If there are more (that aren't for super high $) let me know!

EumenidesTrousers3 karma

What's your favourite non-Digitech pedal and why?

DigiTechfx6 karma

That's easy! The Black Arts Toneworks LSTR fuzz. It has the most amazing EQ section, I can get really high-gain muffy fuzz but also get a mid-boost that allows it to cut through in a band mix.

dc8806103 karma

Thanks for stopping by to take questions. My question is, what kind of background do your engineers have? Mostly college educated? Bachelor's or Master's level (or higher)? Are they mostly electrical engineers, or are other backgrounds (computer science, physics, etc.) represented as well? Straight out of college, or seasoned professionals? (Sorry, I guess that's more than one question!)

I ask because I would like to get into the audio equipment industry as an engineer. My background is in physics and computer programming, and right now I'm studying engineering physics (which is like electrical engineering at my school). I'm hoping this program (plus projects and whatnot) will help me get there. It's always interesting to hear how others got into the field.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) All our engineers have degrees and as you mention they span disciplines and age ranges. Parker (who has been sitting here with us during this AMA) is fresh out of college and we also have engineers who have been with us for decades.

For my part, I'm a total electronics hack. So my entry to DigiTech was from the musician, marketing, modding side.

OnionBallz3 karma

I saw a review of the new DOD Gonkunator online, i not sure exactly how connected Digitech is with the DOD reissues but is there any more info you can give me about it? (i.e. price range, functionality)

DigiTechfx5 karma

(Tom) It will Street @ $149.95 USD, it has a new adjustable carrier that allows it to be tuned.

emywox2 karma

any chance of you guys making a Multi effects pedal board or rack unit to rival the Pod hd, Fractal and kemper stuff???

DigiTechfx2 karma

(Tom) I would say that we have been making MFX that rival the companies you mention since the RP-1. We invented this stuff.

emywox1 karma

having owned a RP-150 i can safely say that right now Digitech isnt close to the POD HD series and i would like to see that change. the new L6 helix has the ability to load custom IR's which should solve one of the main problems with MFX the speaker response. cause most people who use the Digitech MFX pedal use them as a interface to run other programs and dont use the internal effects nd amps. What say you? im curious

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) That is because the RP150 is our entry level MFX. If you compare the RP1000 or GSP 1101, they absolutely hang with the competition.

Our GSP1101 has had the ability to load custom IR's for 5+ YEARS.

cowmaster392 karma

albeit with an unsupported beta firmware...

DigiTechfx5 karma

(Tom) still our engineers though, and still directly addresses the question.

xZaggin2 karma

What would you say is the must have product of you entire catalogue?

DigiTechfx5 karma

(Tom) TRIO.

I wish TRIO had been around when I was first starting out. I know I would have gotten better, faster.

KCUR2 karma

I got one of those and I ended up selling it. It really just felt like you could have gone so much further with the idea. The tracking works and it's a neat pedal, but why no software to let me bank my patches and put them together in to songs? I realize that you were probably trying to keep the price/complexity reigned in, but it just feels like a practice tool. A really cool practice tool, though.

DigiTechfx2 karma

(Tom) Yep, it was designed to be a practice tool.

CaptainAirhab2 karma

What're the chances of a Thash Master reissue? Thats my go to pedal for making brutal feedback.

DigiTechfx2 karma

(Tom) Sorry but those chances are slim! If you want controlled feedback then take a hard look at the Boneshaker, that'll easily get you what you want.

staplesgowhere2 karma

What are your future plans for your multi-effects product line? The RP360 looked like a nice update to the RP355. Any plans for similar updates to products like the RP1000?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) Yes, I have plans...


NorbitGorbit2 karma

would it be possible to add a solar panel to a pedal to keep from having to replace the 9v?

DigiTechfx9 karma

(billy) hmmmm, might not work the bar though...

raukolith2 karma

for a software guy, what sort of career opportunities are there at digitech? what are the primary skills you guys look for in a software developer? would you need cross disciplinary skills in EE and strong knowledge of DSP?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) Strong knowledge of DSP for sure! We employ a wide range of engineers from many disciplines, but the one common requirement is that they are a musician!

Sexperienced2 karma

If I could only have one pedal company on my board, it would be Digitech/DOD. Good shit, you guys! I'm thinking about pre-ordering a Gunslinger...does it work really well into a clean amp? I know some pedals, like the 450, are best-suited to an edge-of-breakup situation, and the Boneshaker is aimed for lower tunings. Where does the Gunslinger fit? Cause it sounds badass.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) The Gunslinger works great into a clean amp. In fact one of our design goals was for it to play nice with Fender Twins.

The Boneshaker is designed for mid-gain lower tunings, and the Gunslinger is a flat out rock machine.

Sextraordinaire2 karma

Is money a means to an end for human happiness or is human happiness a means to an end for money? Also give one example of how your company functions according to this ideal.

DigiTechfx8 karma

(Tom) Money is a shared illusion.

RushofBlood522 karma

Two things:

1) Does JamSync work between different models of JamMans?
2) Are you re-issuing other pedals from the FX line? Buzz Box, Ice Box, Milk Box, Echo Fx, Bass Grunge, etc.? Also, why didn't you go back to the nonsensical knob labels?

DigiTechfx3 karma


  1. Yes, all of the XT's: JamMan SoloXT, JamMan VocalXT, and JamMan ExpressXT.

  2. I'm not planning on it, but demand could change that.

holladaddy2 karma

I'd love if you guys went back to nonsensical knob labels. They really gave a lot of character to the DOD FX line that I don't think is too common these days in effects pedals. I've seen a lot of that sentiment online too.

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) I enjoyed the crazy labels too (that era is when I first started working for DOD) but the indecipherable labels are a support nightmare.

Godzuki171 karma

If you had to gig with just two pedals, what would you take and why?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) Assuming I have a good amp that does good clean-ish breakup then it would be Fuzz and Delay.

I can get clean, rhythm grit, rhythm gain, and lead.

MrHarryReems1 karma

After fiddling with the Trio for a bit, myself and my mates have found that it lacks a few key elements. We were wondering if version 2, or even a deluxe version might be in the works to rectify the shortcoming?

What we've found is that the device needs storage. The ability to store grooves would be huge.

It also needs even a rudimentary looper built in, or shoot, I'd even be happy with an interface work in conjunction with an existing DigiTech looper. I'd be happy to purchase the additional device if I could use the two in together.

Last, it seems that the functions of the external footswitch were pretty poorly thought out. It seems like an engineer made the choices as to what the switches do instead of a player. Button one is a dupe of the pedal button, so waste of a button there. More logical would be button one toggles between part select and style select, and up and down would actually move up and down through the selected option.

So, what are we going to see in the future for this line?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) TRIO was meant to be a practice and songwriting tool, the features you are suggesting seem more oriented toward live use. This use is outside the purpose of TRIO.

That said, what you suggest makes total sense for the practicalities and challenges of live use.

ArchdukeThe1 karma

Do you ever regret your company name, especially since boutique analog pedals are all the rage currently?

DigiTechfx6 karma

(Tom) There is a very real dividing line between the big manufacturers and the boutique builders, and that line is digital. You will find scant few boutique guys building digital pedals. To regret our name would be to regret what differentiates us from hundreds of wannabes.

Besides, I also have DOD, So I get both. ;)

d-signet1 karma

Love your stuff since my old RP6 in the 90s , but what's with the complete signal dropout when you change banks?

Same issue still on the RP80 and (I presume) the RP500 I am expecting to arrive later this week.

DigiTechfx1 karma

(Tom) The older RP's had slower processors and slower load times (and the RP6 is positively ancient). The RP500 is much faster.

Retrovertigo11 karma

how do you guys feel about the DIY community's involvement in making effects pedals? has it helped/hurt your company's bottom line?

DigiTechfx4 karma

(Tom) We have always been pretty free with our schematics. DOD was born out of the DIY ethic, and also now re-born out of that same ethic. The only thing that fires me up is the people who fly-by and scavenge stuff from the DIY community and then pass it off as their own.

byproxy1 karma

Any plans for a JamMan with MIDI sync? I'm aware of JamSync, but it'd be nice (really nice) to be able to sync up with other MIDI equipment.

allgonetoshit1 karma

What are your feelings on the following statement: "Concentric Pots 2015 - Never forget" ?

DigiTechfx1 karma

(Tom) LOL, now that we have custom concentric pots and knobs I have free reign to redesign something else and destroy a new set of timelines and predictions. ;)

kwikade1 karma

Would you ever consider making your own sequencer for the whammy?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) We are good friends with Molten Voltage and I dig what they do. I think that they have carved out an interesting niche that is exactly proportionate to demand.

XxSCRAPOxX1 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA.

I had an rp200 and I can't get it to not feed back like crazy. I've tried lots of settings, amps, guitars, all to no avail. It works fine when it's quiet but if I crank the amps the feedback comes on. I've been forced to stop using it because it's not stage quality construction.

Do you have any idea why this would happen?

DigiTechfx1 karma

(Tom) Feedback is usually a volume or an EQ issue. Try pulling down the volume of your patches to match bypass level, and reduce any EQ boosts to the +3 dB range and see if that helps.

vBloodbuzz1 karma

Is there going to be a new super duper Whammy coming out?

DigiTechfx4 karma

(Tom) It would make sense for us to do something more to the Whammy V, but the current Whammy V/DT are still going strong.

Malatesta7211 karma

Hey guys! Longtime DigiTech user here. I'm in Salt Lake City, and it just dawned on me that I've never really seen a local DigiTech event, or facility tour or anything like that. Is it something you guys do? Would love to support any local events if they're open to fellow pedal addicts and aficionados.

Also have a question about the Supernatural...when I bought mine it was a Hardwire "Made in the USA" edition, what made you move the production over to a regular DigiTech line pedal?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) A local!

We sometimes have tours and we sponsor local show sometimes as well.

The Supernatural started out as a PGS exclusive and part of the exclusive was that it would be made in USA. Once that deal ran out our international partners wanted the Supernatural available to them. As you can imagine, our international customers don't care if a pedal is made in the USA.

workaccountoftoday1 karma

Where the heck does one learn about making instruments and effects? I've always wanted to jump into the field but other than the diy pedal crowd and things like the mfos, there don't seem to be many areas to learn the musical trade. Did you all go to school to learn, or did you mostly learn by hobbying?

Either way, what was the best resource or activity that you think helped you really understand how to make a career out of this?

Follow up question, how many people are even employed as designers? Are these companies much smaller than I imagine?

Thanks if answered these are a bunch of questions!

DigiTechfx1 karma

(billy) i learn everything from youtube now! :) honestly in this day and age there is so much information available to anyone it is just a matter of focusing in on a discipline and going for it. speaking for myself i was a musician that was a hobbiest with electronics and effects. my forte was being able to get the sounds from effects pedals my contemporaries were not able to which helped get me involved with product development here. i work side by side with hardware and software engineers to bring these ideas to fruition. these guys have formal engineering degrees with emphasis on hardware, dsp and software designing.

onemikebravado501 karma

How do you make the default effects for the multi effects processors? Does somebody just sit there and turn knobs until it sounds good, or do they have to go through all sorts of testing with different guitars/amps?

DigiTechfx2 karma

(Tom) That usually ends up being Billy's thing. He starts with target sounds like "I want a british-sounding amp with chorus and delay, and a lead boost" and then he twiddles from there.

mivipa0 karma

Can you lower your prices? Or maybe just give me free pedals?

DigiTechfx3 karma

(Tom) We make all our stuff as affordable as we can, often accompanied by criticism for being cheap.