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cowmaster393 karma

As a long time GSP1101 user, I got tired of waiting for an updated unit, so I eventually jumped ship to Fractal.

I still love my GSP though and I've kept it as a B-rig in case anything happens to my Fractal rig. I am super curious to see what Digitech can bring to the table to compete with the new Line 6 Helix line.

cowmaster392 karma

albeit with an unsupported beta firmware...

cowmaster392 karma

Sound quality has nothing to do with price. The GSP1101 was sort of a "sleeper" device for this reason. It was reasonably priced but with tones and capabilities that rivaled units costing much more.

I'm still interested in what's next from Digitech in the realm of rackmount guitar processors, regardless of whether or not they are in the same price bracket as another piece of gear.

To discount a product's potential simply because it's available at a low price is silly.