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Exactly this. I have no idea why they're so uptight about these things, I remember a while back there was a huge fan made live action Zelda movie that was taken down as well. The list of things they remove goes on forever but I still don't get what exactly offends them. Surely they can't think it will affect their profits??

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I don’t get it? But why though? Is it something super expensive that no one else could afford?

Do they take pride in being fully deaf? Do they see it as you not wanting to be part of their “culture”?

There are so many questions, I never even knew about this technology. But I would imagine the entire dead community would see it as something amazing that could possibly change the future of deafness.

Why is there hate against it? Are there any side effects?

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were you competing with any other applicants for the position?

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Okay this makes sense, thank you.

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What would you say is the must have product of you entire catalogue?