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In Our Bedroom After the War is one of my all time favourite albums. Do you have any plans to return to the style of using more string arrangements? My Favourite Book is probably the best love song ever written.

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Great answer. Seems like most of the backlash come from the fact that they don't credit where is coming from and not because they're borrowing ideas.

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What's your opinion on boutique builders like JHS or to a lesser extent Walrus Audio that have been accused of directly copying existing designs and selling them as their own for a much higher price?

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What was it like going onto Scrubs after the series had "ended"? Your character was the best part of season 9 IMO.

Also, I'm very sad that Happy Endings got cancelled. It was such a good show. How much of the lines were improvised? Can you share any funny stories from the set?

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Yes! Now I'm really excited to listen to it!