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I'd possibly kickstart it

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Ohhh that's a bummer. Maybe the labeling like on some of the DOD ones that had two sets of labels? That's kind of odd. A lot of other companies like Earthquaker use quirky/silly/inexact knob labels, I wonder if they end up with the same support issues. I hadn't ever considered that.

Do you think that people have a different set of expectations for effects now or might be a bit more open minded about them? I've noticed a huge trend in a lot of Digitech's products specifically that the crazier/weirder stuff didn't fly back when it came out, but people these days love them. It's similar with a lot of older Boss and Ibanez pedals too that were whacky in their own ways, but weren't commercially successful in the same ways that straight up delays, choruses, and distortions were.

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I'd love if you guys went back to nonsensical knob labels. They really gave a lot of character to the DOD FX line that I don't think is too common these days in effects pedals. I've seen a lot of that sentiment online too.