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can we get a full Chrono trigger album? your the only youtuber i trust with this request.

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any chance of you guys making a Multi effects pedal board or rack unit to rival the Pod hd, Fractal and kemper stuff???

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o owned the rp150 years ago. but i never see the 2 stated models anywhere online in the youtube scene. id love to see a side by side with a axe fx2lx, pod hd500x, eleven rack, rp1000 in a shoot out.

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having owned a RP-150 i can safely say that right now Digitech isnt close to the POD HD series and i would like to see that change. the new L6 helix has the ability to load custom IR's which should solve one of the main problems with MFX the speaker response. cause most people who use the Digitech MFX pedal use them as a interface to run other programs and dont use the internal effects nd amps. What say you? im curious