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Let me just say that the Whammy V is an order of magnitude better than the previous incarnations in terms of tone and tracking, but I desperately miss the separate output for the wet signal. Any chance that could be added back in the next version?

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It was both! I spent all of my free time as a kid cruising flea markets and pawn shops for gear. Pawn shops would put absolutely insane prices on anything with a Fender or Gibson logo (e.g. a spray-painted 8 year old Squire strat covered with stickers would be $800), but more obscure stuff was subject to roll-the-dice pricing, and sometimes I got great deals on really incredible gear. I kept a copy of Gruhn's guide to vintage guitars in my car and the latest issue of Vintage Guitar magazine, and I had a pretty good working knowledge of what stuff was worth. Anything I picked up I used with my band, and we always had gear that was well beyond our musical level (Fender Rhodes, minimoogs, a freaking hammond organ with a leslie...). At one point (I was probably 20 years old, so 1994/95), I was gigging with a '65 Stratocaster and a '69 100 watt super lead. I had a 4x12 with vintage Fanes, and another 4x12 with vintage 25 watt greenbacks. It was nuts.

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the new love of vintage tech? It seems like a lot of people these days just want sounds of the past

This really isn't new, though - as a teenager in the late 80s, I was trying to get the sounds I heard on records from the 60s.