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Are your eyes correctable to 20/20? Also, do you have any form of color blindness?

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When will there be a Space Station reissue in a yellow Whammy V chassis?

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Do you think you would have had the desire to surgically change your body if you had been able to grow up as a male (sex) who did female (gender) things (wear dresses, makeup, play with dolls, etc.) without criticism from anyone?

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My friend and his wife donate to Vegan Outreach every year and have had some of your activists who were traveling stay with them for the night. From my experience I have to say you guys are a great organization, you use logic as opposed to shock value, and your attitude is so much more welcoming than other organizations I have seen. Plus your activists are some of the most aggressive (in a friendly way of course) when it comes to handing out pamphlets, as in just about everyone who walks by gets one. I know you didn't get to nearly one million booklets by sitting behind a table. Keep up the good work!

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There are a lot of bombs that reach cult status later though. The used prices can vouch for that. Make it sound like the original, then add a few more bells and whistles and you're guaranteed a hot. Even adding those sounds to a multi pedal like the RP360 XP would be nice.