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I think the idea is that they could have sold YOU a more expensive ticket if you were forced to buy the flight direct to your intended location rather than gaming the system. It isn't that they actually lose money, they actually save some as fuel costs are determined by weight onboard. What they don't like is that they didn't milk the customer for max profit.

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Naw, his Dad would never think a Dyson would suck well enough for that!

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Product launch is all about timing. There are so many examples of products launched at the wrong time doing poorly and later similar products doing extremely well. You have a chance to hear directly from your target customer base here and if you like money I'd recommend listening. The original XP300 can go for up to $700 on the 2nd hand market these days (typically atleast $400). This doesn't happen to gear people wouldn't buy if reissued.

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Good to know Tom. I wasn't trying to come off like a dick at all just trying to be clear that it would be a big deal for many of us since we can't afford the used prices where there isn't enough to go around.

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I was crazy enough to pick up C as my 1st language. I got into programming for a couple old MUDs at the time and the rest is history. I worked mainly with C++ and C# in the corporate world with a hand full of other languages sprinkled in. I find whatever you are forced to use you will eventually hate. I like python and ruby, but I was never forced to use them on a daily basis. Of course I'm no longer a developer by trade so programming is a lot more fun now. As for Java, I'm not a fan but to each their own.