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Awesome answers! Thanks. I don't know if you guys frequent this sub at all but you should know you get nothing but love for what you guys have been doing and putting out. Keep it up!

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Hey guys. I saw your tweet about doing this minutes after said tweet was tweeted... On Twitter. Thanks so much! My first pedal was a chrome Anniversary Whammy IV, a grad present years before I was into the pedal game. It still stands proud on my board though. I love the last few almost boutique flavoured pedals you have released and I'm hoping to grab a Polara soon. My question is if you could tell us what pedal that's come out from a different manufacturer recently has made you say "Damn! I wish we had that idea."?

Bonus question, dream set up - guitar, amp, 3 pedals.

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Either way the flames still suck yyc guy