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Something related to age and donations: In some countries, organs from older donors are not considered for regular donations. A 20-year-old is sometimes better suited for dialysis than receiving a damaged kidney. However, to prevent 'organ waste' there are donor programs "from old to old". If the organ doesn't have to last another 25 years, you can lower the bar of what is acceptable. Thus, older donors can pass on their organs to older recipients that would otherwise be at the bottom of the waiting list.

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Collect frequency data, do some statistical analysis, and share it. It would be hilarious.

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Define "large portion".

It's the 8th destination by value:

  1. Germany (23.4 bn)
  2. Belgium (10.4 bn)
  3. UK (8.6 bn)
  4. France (8 bn)
  5. Italy (3.7 bn)
  6. Spain (2.7 bn)
  7. US (2.6 bn)
  8. China (2.4 bn)

Given that the total exports were about 100.8 bn, that's 2.3% going to China. Is that "a large portion"?

People who are in business with China are morally fucked.

Finally, following your definition the whole world is "morally fucked". I don't think there's a country with a full embargo.

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I believe he actually said he gets nothing if it gets skipped, but that he doesn't blame watchers for skipping the stupidly long ones.

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Now let's get back to talking about Rampart.