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MexicanMouthwash37 karma

Your playing with fire, kiddo.

But seriously, I would love a new pendulum album.

MexicanMouthwash37 karma

And now your dad does YouTube as a living too. Ahh how times change.

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By this sub, I guess you mean /r/guitarpedals? haha

MexicanMouthwash5 karma

I feel like it was just ahead of its time. It's sort of funny how there is such a large demand for this pedal now (probably due to the advancement in experimental music, i.e. Math Rock/Post Rock), compared to when it was released.

Are there any other older pedals that didn't sell well on release, that has had resurgence in demand, that you've noticed?

And also, if you each could re-release an old DigiTech/DOD pedal, what would you choose? (Except the Space Station ;-) )

MexicanMouthwash1 karma

Could you get the lads from ASIWYFA to do an AMA? There are somethings I really want to ask them!