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Alison fan here. Every time she's on screen, I'm amazed at how believable she is. Her personality is so completely different from the other clones, and even her posture totally fits the soccer mom role.

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Even as a songwriting tool, who wouldn't want to have a guitar loop running along with the groove? Storage is nice because it never does the same thing twice, and it might hit on something super killer that you want to bring back for your jam session. The button stuff, I just don't get that logic at all. However, since I work with engineers daily, I get that they see things in terms of functionality instead of usability.

So, the question remains, what are our chances of seeing these features in a version 2 or deluxe version?

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Yes. Me. I LOVE my job and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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After fiddling with the Trio for a bit, myself and my mates have found that it lacks a few key elements. We were wondering if version 2, or even a deluxe version might be in the works to rectify the shortcoming?

What we've found is that the device needs storage. The ability to store grooves would be huge.

It also needs even a rudimentary looper built in, or shoot, I'd even be happy with an interface work in conjunction with an existing DigiTech looper. I'd be happy to purchase the additional device if I could use the two in together.

Last, it seems that the functions of the external footswitch were pretty poorly thought out. It seems like an engineer made the choices as to what the switches do instead of a player. Button one is a dupe of the pedal button, so waste of a button there. More logical would be button one toggles between part select and style select, and up and down would actually move up and down through the selected option.

So, what are we going to see in the future for this line?