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But no one here cares about her album.

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Not "they" so much. When method man was questioned after the announcement he said he had heard nothing of this and that it was the stupidest thing he ever heard. Said he hoped it was a joke.

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Recognize that whatever you do, the Chinese will do it for cheaper. You need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Good luck.

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Best Obama impression so far today.

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fuck Mazda

Actually you should have read the paperwork. The warranty is a scam. It doesn't cover parts going bad. It only covers manufacturing defects, which are most likely to occur within the cars first few years of service. So if it's a used car then there are likely no manufacturing defects and if it's a new car it would show up within the standard warranty. Plus they are usually covered under recalls anyway. they charge you just to look at the car to see if it's covered, which it almost never is. Every car dealer does this, it's not a Mazda thing. If she's upset with the warranty she can cancel it and get the balance of the money back. On the other side of this, I got an extended for my used car and it ended up covering a blown motor so it was worth it for me. But that's just one positive case out of many negative ones. Edit: adding advice: keep calling the dealer and have a lawyer contact them. They may change their tune.