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Makes perfect sense.

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BAT Pharaoh EQ section fan boy here...the lows!

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Well, you hit the ball out of the park on that one, feel like it's underrated. Lots of flashy new ambient voiced reverbs coming out these days that catch my eye, but there are so many usable sounds in the Supernatural that it's the only reverb that needs to be on my board.

I'll keep an eye out for local stuff!

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Hey guys! Longtime DigiTech user here. I'm in Salt Lake City, and it just dawned on me that I've never really seen a local DigiTech event, or facility tour or anything like that. Is it something you guys do? Would love to support any local events if they're open to fellow pedal addicts and aficionados.

Also have a question about the Supernatural...when I bought mine it was a Hardwire "Made in the USA" edition, what made you move the production over to a regular DigiTech line pedal?