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What other famous games have you guys made?

In response to this, I think you mean Paradox Interactive in general, no? Paradox publishes a lot of games with lots of variety. Some of the more notable titles include Cities in Motion, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis, King Arthur, and Mount & Blade. Upcoming, I'm really excited for Salem and War of the Roses. One of my favorite companies.

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secret booster

new proto od

secret proto


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EQD Buzzbox clone when

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Two things:

1) Does JamSync work between different models of JamMans?
2) Are you re-issuing other pedals from the FX line? Buzz Box, Ice Box, Milk Box, Echo Fx, Bass Grunge, etc.? Also, why didn't you go back to the nonsensical knob labels?