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Its weight in orbit or its weight on earth?

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So do I get an official QI point? I can count an upvote right?

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So, Mr. DPW,

Before we got to the matter of accepting or rejecting your loan application, I'd like to discuss your recent internet usage on sites primarily involving the terms "how to disguise embeselment" , "bank fraud", "tax avoidance" and "lamborghini aventador"

In all seriousness though, this IS a scary revelation

Right now for example, I may well look like a reasonable prospect for credit scoring. Been in a stable, fairly well paid job for 10 years, no particularly bad flags on my credit report....fine

BUT from your history I see that you've recently been thinking of buying your first motorbike, scouring the "new career" job websites and looking into spending a year in Tibet hunting for Yeti..... Sorry, we cant approve that new car finance deal or mortgage.

There is no appeal process to say "sorry, my son has been doing a school.project on Ducati, I'm haggling for a pay rise, and I was trying to find images for an amusing photoshop of my parents"....you're just suddenly a credit risk based on your internet habits.

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Isn't "evening out song volume" part of the problem?

Why not allow songs to have their own dynamics without screwing with it....dont force the acoustic ballad to be the same volume as the death metal tune if that's not how it was mixed or designed.

You just get over compressed crap with no dynamic range.

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Have you done Brexit yet?