I was diagnosed a few days ago with hypogonadism which means my body doesn't produce enough testosterone. I've only barely gone through puberty and will need testosterone replacement therapy to fix everything.

proof test results.

edit 1: deleted the picture of my skinny arms.

edit 2: Sorry if I'm answering too many questions but I'm literally just going to sit around my house until my appointment with an endocrinologist.

edit 3: I'm serious guys, I can't sing at all. I am not joining a choir.

edit 4: Wow, I'm raking in mad puberty karma. Also so many people are contacting me and offering me advice. This is brilliant.

edit 5: just google 'hypogonadism' and check the symptons to see if you have it. I'm not a doctor and I'm not going to diagnose anyone. If you feel like you may have it then go to your doctor and tell him and get some blood tests.

edit 6: It's 3:30am where I live so I'm going to bed now. I'll check tomorrow and answer some more questions that haven't been answered.

final edit: thanks for the ridiculous AMA guys. I'll post an update AMA in a year or something with pictures of my face if people want.

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Waveringautumn2387 karma

Hey justin im not a big fan of your music but i respect what you do. Its cool that you have so many fans.

20yearsyoung2145 karma


daveypixel1196 karma

Hey dude! Just wanted to say that things can and will improve, I had similar issues at 14/15. The doctors noticed I wasn't developing normally and it was because I wasn't naturally producing the testosterone needed. I went through 6 months of testosterone injections (which are fun, they totally freeze up your leg muscles for about half an hour!) and it really helped kickstart everything. I'm 23 now and still look super young, but everything's good now. Definitely get the treatment if you can! Feeling outcast because of your body isn't nice. You'll probably still not look quite like other guys (I'm still pretty skinny and I'm only 5'7 and still can't grow a beard!) but you'll feel better. Just thought I'd throw my story out to show you're not alone and that the treatment works. Best of luck with everything dude!

20yearsyoung852 karma

Thanks man. That actually means a lot to me. I'm a bit nervous.

hypogomad294 karma

I was diagnosed with the same thing at 19. Started treatment at 20 (am now 24) and my confidence has since sky rocketed. I used to be extremely self-conscious. The worst was answering phone calls. The 'hello ma'am' would bum me out for the rest of the day. Anyway, that's all in the past for me now and, if you go ahead with your treatment, it'll be your past too. If you have any questions about the treatment (I'm using the gel) feel free to AMA.

20yearsyoung229 karma

fuck yes, thank you.

mylittlecuckold76 karma

Im 24, no hormone troubles still small, can grow no beard! Also a bit on the fatty side. I think in the end I am jealous at you and not the other way around :).
Apparently being the 3rd son in a row has lowered my testosterone a bit. But w/e.

Edit: 3th => 3rd

Admiral_Dildozer109 karma

I'm the third boy in our family. I went through puberty at a normal age but I'm not nearly as hairy or masculine as my brothers. It is normal or the later sons to have less testosterone?

20yearsyoung477 karma

Also more likely to be gay.

dirtyjersey840 karma

You got to do roids legally. I bet the ensuing rush of manliness felt great

SENiORWEEk2 karma

lol well considering that they will only give him enough to get to "normal" levels, I think it is safe to say he shouldn't feel anymore manly than anyone else. Although he will feel much more mainly compared to his former state.

20yearsyoung1 karma

I wants to feels the manness.

venn177669 karma

I'll ask what we're all thinking:

How's the sex life?

20yearsyoung1749 karma

Still a virgin. It's a bit more complicated than just the hormone thing. I've had a few opportunities to lose it but I figure I got to get comfortable with myself before getting laid.

Vinkelslip153 karma

  1. There are many people just as skinny at your age
  2. Are you flexing in that photo?

20yearsyoung315 karma

I weighed 49kg before I started going to the gym at the beginning of the year so I was pretty skinny and underweight then. Now I'm 54kg.

I'm also totally flexing.

Vinkelslip38 karma

Im also really skinny, atleast in my opinion, I have quite wide shoulders but what im self concious about is how skinny my body is. Legs, hips, wrists and waist in particular. I used to swim constantly as a kid up to like 13 years of age. Now I havent been to a beach/indoor swimming pool in over 5 years.

I weigh 65kg and Im 177 tall

20yearsyoung42 karma

I would love to be 65kg but I guess we all got our insecurities. I would just keep gymming and eating man.

venn17786 karma

What about the sex drive?

20yearsyoung295 karma

I don't think I've ever been 'horny'. The way guys described it I always thought they were crazy. I can get turned on and of course I get urges but the way some guys talk about it it's like an itch that won't go away.

WhimsicalPythons261 karma

I believe testosterone is to blame for that.

el___diablo456 karma

This will be funny.

After they give you drugs to boost your testosterone, you'll be like ... 'now I get it'.

20yearsyoung338 karma


Admiral_Dildozer1 karma

You're a smart man. Cherish that while it last. I fear that when your body does climax into puberty, those brains may fade away for a few years while you let the compose between your legs point you from one mistake to another.

20yearsyoung2 karma

I like to think I'll be ready but It's probably going to be a bit crazy for the next few years.

brownboy13604 karma

How has this affected your secondary sexual characteristics? Do you have regular facial hair? Has your voice broken properly?

20yearsyoung998 karma

I can't grow any facial hair except a seedy stache. My voice hasn't really broken properly. Over the phone I get mistaken for a girl or a teenage boy. It's pretty disheartening. I'm hoping testosterone therapy will help fix that.

various_extinctions632 karma

You could use it as an advantage and train as a countertenor. They are in high demand and very well paid.

20yearsyoung1491 karma

I'd rather have a deep voice with shitty pay personally.

Pman318219 karma

I'm 19 and developed a whole lot slower than most people my age. I went through testosterone injections for about 6 months. I still remember being on the phone with xbox live support for an hour finishing the call with "thank you for calling mayum". Pissed me off more than anything. The injections undoubtably helped give me a jump start, my voice has 'broken' and I'm feeling a lot more confident. It will work out.

20yearsyoung169 karma

That's awesome. I want to feel that feel one day.

SpaZticHero424 karma

As a 22 year old male who cant grow a decent beard, does the fact you can't hurt you as much as it hurts me?

20yearsyoung767 karma

deep voice > beard.

Cheshamone254 karma

As a 22 year old male who can't grow a decent beard but has a deep voice... Thank you. I hope the replacement therapy works for you! I don't know much about it but from what I gather stuff like this is pretty effective.

20yearsyoung141 karma

thanks man :)

Gatewaytoheaven377 karma

How tall are you? Are testosterone and growth hormone correlated?

20yearsyoung535 karma

I'm 182cm. I actually have no idea if they're correlated.

rumirama351 karma

Can you build muscle? Does the lack of testosterone afects the growth of your muscles?

20yearsyoung453 karma

I can't build any muscle. I'm incredibly skinny and my muscles are soft and weak.

someguyfromtheuk203 karma

What do you mean 'soft'?

Like the actual muscle still feels squishy when it's flexed?

20yearsyoung299 karma

Yeah, it's kinda like a hard sponge even when flexed. My muscle is small and not dense at all.

ballroomaddict107 karma

Do you get muscle fatigue when you work out/exercise? I understand that when your muscles begin to "mature", you need to stretch more, get more muscle and joint aches, etc. Have you noticed any changes along those lines?

20yearsyoung151 karma

Takes forever for my muscles to repair. Injuries also take forever.

NotYourDoll316 karma

Did you have a rough time at school or did no one really notice?

20yearsyoung474 karma

I was tall for my age in high school so most people didn't notice. It was only after I graduated that it got a bit rough

wall1two290 karma

25 male here. I hope this does not get buried. I am secondarily hypogonadic myself. PLEASE go to an endocrinologist, not a urologist, not an internist. Check your LH and FSH levels. PLEASE. If you are suffering from secondary hypogonadism (a pituitary issue, the boys work fine, they just are not getting the stimulation they need) HCG is a much better option than exogenous testosterone!!! Message me if needed.

20yearsyoung172 karma

Yeah, it's idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism which I believe means that my pituitary doesn't release the right hormones? I got an appointment with an endo on wednesday and I'll talk to him about it.

oxeygen289 karma

So, as a 21 year old guy, I'm wondering, how often do you masturbate? Is the growth of your sexual organ (& hair around that area) linked to your hormone disorder?

20yearsyoung413 karma

Pretty much every day. And yeah, my penis and testicles are slightly smaller than average. Testosterone therapy should make them bigger.

5PK281 karma

How is your behavior? Honestly. Do you still behave as an adolescent or child? Throw tantrums? Are you impulsive, easily distracted? Do you still partake in activities or games that would be considered for kids?

I'm a nursing student, and work in child psychiatry, so that why I want to know.

20yearsyoung422 karma

Super interesting question. I would consider myself very impulsive and also easily distracted. I also am pretty quick to crying. I can control it pretty well but my first instinct to confrontation is crying. Like when I get into an argument or when I'm physically hurt I can immediately feel my tear ducts hurting.

Other than I lead a pretty normal student life. I sold all my video games a few months ago and now I just drink, hang out with friends and listen to music.

5PK130 karma

If I may continue...

How is your relationship with your parents, or whoever raised you? Do you feel they are overly protective of you? Do yall fight often? If so, about what kinds of things?

Also, even though you are 20, I would recommend you don't excessively drink, as most 20 year olds do. I imagine when you get some testosterone therapy and your body goes through puberty your brain will also develop more as with normal children going through puberty, and alcohol use could hinder that process.

20yearsyoung137 karma

It's a pretty normal. My mum worries too much but I reckon that's normal. We do fight often but that's because my mum worries and I don't really care about even important things.

Once I start the therapy I'm staying away from alcohol and drugs for at least 6 months to see how it goes.

ShiningLily47 karma

Following that...can you make yourself cry? I've always had problems with crying easily in confrontations...but can't get myself to cry for theatre no matter what I do.

20yearsyoung56 karma

I actually can't do it on command. It's weird.

Times_Are_Rough1 karma

I think I may suffer from the same genetic disorder! I'm 20 as well. 6 foot tall and about 140 pounds. The thing is, whenever someone confronts me I feel like crying. It was a lot worse when I was younger, now I can hold it back better but it still happens. I also, have no mass to me and my dad said he grew the same way. Maybe this is part of the reason I have ADHD? I'm just starting to get a crustache, but no other hair really. Pubes grow like a forest, and my left armpit doesn't have all the hair. People always tell me I look like I'm 15-16. And my voice cracks ALL THE TIME.

20yearsyoung2 karma

Yeah man. I would recommend getting checked just to make sure. That sounds enough reasons to just get a blood test.

mcnasty907218 karma

He deserves gold just for the one edit about not joining the choir

20yearsyoung375 karma

Someone get on that.

Miss-Omnibus204 karma

If this is apparently a genetic condition, do your siblings if any have this, or your parents have it?

20yearsyoung452 karma

My mum has it and she didn't tell me until I told her about my low testosterone. She didn't want to embarrass me but I could have used the news sooner.

someguyfromtheuk145 karma

1) How did you find out you had low testosterone?

2) Did you suspect you had a condition like this before?

EDIT: numbering

20yearsyoung200 karma

1) couldn't gain weight 2) I should have suspected it.

KidOrgy114 karma

How does this affect you on a daily basis?

20yearsyoung213 karma

Well I look pretty young. I regularly get comments from people about how I look about 14 or 15 years old. I'm also pretty tired a lot of the time and don't have that much energy.

freesurfer102 karma

Do you get I.D at a bar or club? Or do you just get denied service straight away because you look so young? Do you find it to cause many problems?

20yearsyoung187 karma

I get I.D'd at every club but it's pretty standard where I live for everyone who looks under 25. I have got some shitty bartenders who've commented on my looks but nothing too bad.

I remember one time I walked into a bottle shop and the guy ran from behind the counter before I even started looking to check my ID.

OMGapotato-14 karma

He's not even 21. You make it sound like he's 30.

dspman1113 karma

He's from Europe, I'm assuming the UK. He's over the legal age there.

20yearsyoung11 karma


Jadenolizien298 karma

Though it may sound creepers I enjoy men who are excessively thin, less hairy, and young looking. I think I may be a gay man somewhere inside of this lady body.

20yearsyoung77 karma

Oh I've definitely met a few guys and gals who like the thin ones.

Likes_Everything82 karma

How does this work, like, when will you finish puberty?

What prompted the diagnosis? 20 years old seems pretty late to find something like this out.

20yearsyoung104 karma

I don't know if I'll ever fully develop but testosterone injections will help. I also just thought I was a late bloomer.

iyzie52 karma

T injections should develop everything except height and hands / feet size, since those only grow while you are younger. At your age, even those things still might be able to change.

20yearsyoung69 karma

You serious? I think I'm pretty much done with height and hands/feet. Apparently my hands are disproportionately big for me.

bearily76 karma

Seconded. 27-year-old trans guy here finally starting the "right" puberty with the aid of weekly subcutaneous testosterone injections. I'm about as skinny as you and also often mistaken for a teenage boy. Assuming you don't have some sort of androgen insensitivity but are simply not producing enough testosterone on your own, you'll be shocked at how much testosterone will shape your body. Voice tends to start changing fairly quickly, typically dropping significantly within the first few months. If you're working out, you'll notice your muscles growing much more quickly, and even without lifting, you'll likely pick up some extra muscle mass. Body hair will crop up slowly but surely. It may still take some time to grow a decent beard, but with enough time...You could check out some FTM timelines to see what kinds of changes occur with testosterone injections and at approximately what rate. Dosages for FTM folks tend to be whatever will get their testosterone levels to normal male levels, and at that level, changes tend to occur more quickly than typical male puberty. I'd guess you might have a similar treatment and experience.

20yearsyoung65 karma

That's awesome. Makes me hopeful for therapy.

LifeIsSufferingCunt1 karma

At college, a girl in my hall started test therapy. She grows a better beard than I do.

20yearsyoung11 karma


Leiderdorp60 karma

I get the idea you are handling this quite well , my question is what age of friends or people do you feel most comfortable with?

20 year olds are doing a lot of things due to their high hormone levels, do you feel the need to act more your age ?

20yearsyoung101 karma

I'm handling this pretty well because I finally understand what's going on. For the past few years I would wake up and look in the mirror every day and just get so anxious about myself. I truly hated myself some times and I thought I would feel shit forever. But now that there's a something I can do about it I'm cautiously optimistic.

And for your question, I did used to feel a bit out of place at parties but I would drink and talk and have fun. I personally hate hanging out with teenagers but just because it reminds me that I'm so much older but have the same physical body.

woolybuggers48 karma

Medical student and have a endocrinology test in about 2 hours. Do you know what your LH/FSH levels are?

20yearsyoung42 karma

My results just say my FSH is 2< and my LH is 1<? My pituitary is fucked.

woolybuggers50 karma

Right so usually when the testicles aren't producing any androgens they send messages to the hypothalamus/pituitary to stimulate LH/FSH in an attempt to correct the testosterone and sperm levels. In your case since all levels are low, and you never went through puberty, it is called pre-pubertal hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism. From what we've learned, hormone replacement therapy can increase libido and secondary sexual characteristics. Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you the best.

20yearsyoung46 karma

Are you serious? I would love to get secondary sexual characteristics. I just want to lower my voice and get a bit bigger.

woolybuggers53 karma

Again, just a medical student, but I believe giving you testosterone will produce those desired effects. Also, and this is probably beyond the scope of my what I've learned so far, but since the problem is not with your testicles, fertility in the future is possible for you. Ask your endocrinologist about this. Keep me posted?

20yearsyoung50 karma

Fuck yeah. added you as a friend. I'll message you if anything interesting happens/questions?

MintImperial40 karma

What are your plans for the future? You must have thought about a partner, maybe having children someday. Does this condition affect your outlook on this?

Stay strong buddy.

20yearsyoung83 karma

Thanks buddy. Testosterone therapy should make me fertile but I wouldn't want to have kids seeing as my hormone disorder is apparently genetic. I don't really see myself wanting kids anytime soon anyway.

haroolde40 karma

Isn't there a school of thought that puberty puts a brake on brain development? Are you particularly bright and/or do you have a good memory? Are you "baby-faced"?

20yearsyoung61 karma

I have pretty average intelligence but a symptom of low testosterone is anxiety and lack of focus which I definitely have. I'm pretty androgynous and baby-faced.

mame8432 karma

Will you be getting injections of testosterone all your life through?

20yearsyoung37 karma


mame8419 karma

Ok. Is there a chance of you reaching and maybe surpass normal levels, and therefore maybe get superior muscle growth?

Always wondered...

20yearsyoung26 karma

I'm assuming they'll only give me enough T for a normal 20 year old.

chickenrooster29 karma

I saw in a lower comment that you mentioned drinking. I'm gonna assume you meant alcohol. that being said, does the alcohol affect you more quickly than it does other people? or is it more or less the same because you seem like you're a pretty tall dude?

20yearsyoung44 karma

I'm a lightweight but it's not too bad. If I eat beforehand, drink water and take vitamins I can keep up with my friends. I have had some pretty embarrassing experiences though when I forget to eat.

ETpownhome23 karma

Do you have hair under your armpits?

20yearsyoung39 karma

Yeah, got armpit and pubic hair. None of my chest or back though. Legs and arms are fine.

OlderThanGif16 karma

Are you looking forward to testosterone treatment? I'm guessing you've lived your whole life being skinny, mellow and pretty low-key? Are you worried about what kind of person you'll become if you're more stereotypically masculine?

20yearsyoung31 karma

Definitely looking forward. I think I will gain a bit of confidence but hopefully my years trying to avoid attention will keep me level-headed. But then again, testosterone makes guys do weird things.

sambrero19 karma


20yearsyoung23 karma

It'll definitely be interesting.

dexterbateman14 karma

How fit or in shape would you say you are? You mentioned earlier that you cant grow a muscle and they are soft and weak, but are you otherwise in normal shape? And I'm sorry to hear about your condition man, stay strong and keep your head held high!

20yearsyoung27 karma

I'm pretty much entirely out of shape. Going to the gym was jarring for me. When I started out I couldn't bench press the 20kg bar and I still can't squat with the bar either. It takes about a week for me to fully recover from the gym (especially on legs day). Cardio is daunting but I don't do it anyway because I'm trying to put on weight.

It's embarrassing because a lot of people assume it's my first day in the gym but I keep going because my friends go and it helps with my mental health.

yourfavoritequote13 karma

What are your feelings about it since you only just found out?

Does it mean you will never go through puberty or just later on? What were the signs that made you want to check out if there was anything wrong.

Thanks for doing this ama, it's super interesting!

20yearsyoung27 karma

I'm happy that I figured out what's going on and nervous to start therapy.

I can get testosterone injections to help me go through puberty (gain muscle, grow facial hair, enlarge testicles).

I checked because I was at the gym for 6 months and I wasn't gaining any strength.

masterblaster21194 karma

I hope you strength train when you get your testosterone :)

20yearsyoung5 karma

I will :)

baffled882 karma

Im 25 years old. I am 6'0 tall and weight 123lbs. I eat 3 meals a day, drink whole milk, and exercise off and on. Not much cardio, just push ups and lifts.

My voice does not get mistaken for a girls/young boys. It used to when I was in my teens, but it is just an ordinary voice now. Not super deep, but just a regular voice. I can't grow a beard/mustache. I still have to shave every few days because I get quite a few random hairs here and there, but is uneven and does not look good.

Other than my weight and my facial hair, I am probably just an ordinary guy. I am curious, is getting myself tested and hormone therapy something I should look into? I have been extremely self conscious about my weight for a few years now. I'm sure if I tried really hard to gain some, I would be able to do it, I just know that it will be tiring and pretty expensive. Gaining weight is so much more costly than losing weight. If anyone in this thread reads this, please give me some input.

20yearsyoung1 karma

Depends. Low testosterone also affects you mentally. If you have lethargy, anxiety, depression or no concentration then I would recommend it.

Also if you're skinny but have a normal amount of strength I wouldn't think you'd have low T. If you can get a test for on the cheap I would do it just to be sure.

JZ_2122 karma

Do plastic surgeons hate you?

20yearsyoung3 karma

they wish they were as beautiful as me.

nicodegallo2 karma

How was the testing conducted?

20yearsyoung2 karma

Just a blood test.

migraineur2 karma

I was never diagnosed as hypogonadal but I had my suspicions. I lifted hard and got a lot bigger, did a bunch of steroids too and that's when I finally went to the doctor. They helped me get to where I needed to be and I feel great now.

I still cycle on and off but know what I need to do to get quickly where I need to be again. Having regular hormone levels really helps. They'll probably give you an aromatase inhibitor or a topical steroid that you just rub on your body to bring you to where you need to be. It shouldn't be very tough.

20yearsyoung1 karma

I'm really excited. I can't wait to get into the gym and start lifting with actual results in mind.

Bandjo1 karma

I am older than you and was diagnosed 3 years ago .the shots are a bitch but I feel way better

20yearsyoung2 karma

Damn. I guess I'll just have to deal with it.

kuanes1 karma

You probably want to ask your endo doc about possible Klinefelter syndrome. Just a thought.

20yearsyoung6 karma

My mum's got idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism so we're like 99% I have that too.

savestheKay1 karma

I started going thru puberty when I was 7 (I'm a girl). But ended up being a late bloomer later on. Puberty is a weird thing. I'm glad you're handling it well.

Since your face was blurred, I respect if you don't want to answer. But do you have childish features... Or are do you just look like a teenager.

(I'm 26 and I look about 23, 24)

20yearsyoung1 karma

I'm both androgynous and have babyface. I look like 15 on a good day.

Banthum1 karma

i'm just as skinny as you, is this because of a lack of testosterone?

20yearsyoung1 karma

If you're weak and skinny then maybe. If you're just skinny then lifting weights and eating a lot will help.

HandsomeMcfancy0 karma

dude do a cycle bro, get ripped bro, get pumped bro, fuck some bitches bro, beat up little pussies like you used to be bro!

20yearsyoung7 karma

totes bro.

Brizon-1 karma

Puberty is bullshit. Having sexual cravings isn't worth it!

20yearsyoung4 karma

I'll disagree with you on that one.